Google Nexus Phones are prone to SMS Based Attack

If you’re Associate in Nursing owner of a sensible phone belongs to the Google Nexus family and tacklingfrequent revive or abnormal behaviour in your phone then you must use cautionas a result of you’ll are a victim of a recent Nexus based mostly mobile flaw that prompt your Smartphone to revive on its own, or lose the Network property by simply receiving an easy Flash Text Message.

Bogdan Alecu, Associate in Nursing freelance security investigator, had exposed this vulnerability in public once his e-mail were unnoticed by Google, in step with him, “Someone from the automaton Security Team responded in July and aforementioned the difficulty would be fastened in automaton four.3,however it wasn’t.”

This Bug has solely affected Nexus devices that ar running beneath automaton versions of frozen dessertSandwich through Kit Kat; this includes Google Galaxy Nexus, Nexus four and Nexus five phones.

When a personal – most likely Associate in Nursing wrongdoer – sends an enormous variety of Flash messages to the phone (about thirty or perhaps less), and if the messages aren’t discarded by the receiverpromptly, then the Nexus device begin behaving in uncommon ways in which and will someday causesperennial reboots, in such situation, if a PIN is needed to unlock the SIM, the phone wouldn’t be ready toconnect with the network, and since there’s no network affiliation, the phone wouldn’t receive any calls, messages or any sort of notifications.

In case if you don’t apprehend, Flash Messages ar a sort of text-messages that seems directly on the mostscreen of the phone with none user communication, and isn’t mechanically hold on within the inbox.

In automaton devices, it’s unremarkably received as a system alert and flashes on the screen as presentlybecause it is received. These messages ar useful in urgencies like a hearth alarms or instances of confidentiality, as in delivering one-time passwords.

Here is Associate in Nursing illustration of 1 such message grabbed from Google,

So what area unit you alleged to do if you’re a Nexus owner and have facing such quite behaviour?

The good news is that Alecu together with archangel Mueller – associate degree IT advisor from Germanyhad developed associate degree app that enables users to line a limit on what number Flash messages their device ought to receive in a very sure amount of time; This app is named Class0Firewall and is already out there live Store, here.

As so much because the official fix cares, Google told PCWorld that it’s examining the difficultywhich up to now the flaw seem to be additional sort of a pique than a big security bug, Google, however still plans onobtaining it mounted as earliest as potential.

In case if you’re interested, Alecu had revealed some videos of tests he performed on Galaxy Nexus and Nexusfour