Govt Employee Journalist Banns

Govt Employee JournalistSee this news that Govt of Pakistan has observed that Govt Employees of Pakistan is involved and working as a member of Journalism in respective districts which is highly objectionable and against the Government Rules and regulations. سرکاری ملازم صحافی Govt is demanding the list of all Journalist across Pakistan. Journalist Govt Employee notification letter attached herewith. See here Pakistan Citizen Portal Complaint in KPK Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

اعلامیہ جاری:
سرکاری ملازم بحثیت صحافی پریس رپورٹر کام کرنے پر پابندی۔
گورنمنٹ پاکستان نے تمام صحافیوں کی لسٹ مانگ لی۔۔

Govt Employee Journalist BannsGovt of Pakistan has demanded the list of all Journalist related to all press club & Union of Journalist etc. Pakistan Govt Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK has banned the Govt employee to work as Journalist and Press Reporters that can be liable for initiating disciplinary action against the Government Employees of Pakistan KPK.

KPK Govt has claimed that some Employees Govt are working as profession Journalism and a complaint has been reported on PAKISTAN CTIZEN PORTAL regarding Govt Employees KPK are working as Journalist in their respective districts. سرکاری ملازم صحافی Now Government of Pakistan is taking action against such Govt employees and Govt aslo asking the complete list of Journalist and Press Club Reporter.