Happy Holiday Sunday Latest SMS Messages Collection 2013 – 2014

Sunday is a Holiday. Here we bring again a Beautiful collection of Latest Sunday, Holiday Sms Collection for you and your love ones. Share these beautiful collection of Holiday sms with your friends and family and have a Great Sunday.

Happy Sunday Face-Smile

Chai piyo te
khaao anday,
Happy Sunday.
Happy Sunday.
Sara hfta nahaye nahi,
Kpray vi naway paaye nahi,
Naha dho k bn jaao bndy,
Happy Sunday,
Aj univrsty te tusi jana nai,
Sir techran da aj khana nai,
Khush hovo aj nai khany dnday,
Happy Sunday,
Rang brngy kpray pao,
Purany yaran nu mil k aao,
Dukh wandao chngy mandy,
Happy Sunday



Have a Joyful Sunday

Give laughter 2 all, but grin 2 one….
Give cheeks 2 all, but lips 2 one……
Give love 2 all, but heart 2 one….
Give life 2 all, but live for one….
Have a joyful Sunday



That is Sunday

Everyday you take Vegetarian meals….
But today you take Non-Vegetarian meals….
You know which day? That is Sunday



Day of Enjoyment, Wonderful Sunday

After Working For A Long Week
Finally A Day Of Rest Is Here.
Sit Back, Relax And Enjoy Your Day
With Lots Of Enjoyment
All Through The Day.
Have A Happy And a Wonderful Sunday.



Have a Great Sunday

Monday went on Tuesday 2 Wednesday and asked Thursdaywhether Friday has told Saturday that Sunday is a holiday. Have a Great Sunday