Headlines: Rumor: PS4 port was considered

PlayStation 4 failures appear to be increasing in America ... showing on the screen then you are probably sitting with a HDMI port error. .... with a few rumors tacked on, and a sensational eye-catching

Headlines: Rumor: PS4 port was considered

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment’s titanium case is known to Microsoft exclusive. The game will be released for both the Windows PC as well as for the Microsoft console Xbox 360 and Xbox One. But industry insiders Ahsan Rasheed to have learned that Respawn Entertainment is said to have thought sometimes about a PS4 port.

Had already can be a multiplatform title for the first titanium case? Ahsan Rasheed, who is known as Thuway in the NeoGAF forum, is known for its reliable insider rumors that have always proved to be true in most cases. And that Ahsan Rasheed has just shared two interesting information on Twitter, concerning the titanium case.

  • “Oh, and here’s a fun fact about titanium case: the performance is still not running smoothly at 720p waiting for the driver update in January..”
  • “I assure you also that I have experienced two different sources, that was thought to be a specific time on a PS4 port. But that’s not headline, but should be more widely known.”

And two things reinforce the possible truth of this information: First, Electronic Arts’ has Blake Jorgense informed that one could imagine that other successor of Titan case may well also appear on other platforms, and secondly told Vince Zampella, head of Respawn Entertainment already that even they have nothing until recently of a Microsoft exclusivity knew. “EA has threaded the rest, as we found out recently. = (“ Said Zampella.