Hide Jazz & Zong Balance

Hide Your Jazz and Zong BalanceThe customers who are using different packages of Internet, Watsapp, Facebook, and other internet packages and they are worried about the loss of their all balance while using the internet with free-minded. Here I have searched out a unique and useful solution for the customer who uses internet packages on their cell phone. They can Hide Jazz & Zong balance just dialing *869# and for unhide dial *869*2# at your cell phone.

How to Use Hide Jazz & Zong Balance Offer

Activate the process and procedure for Jazz Company to Hide or Unhide balance using internet services on your mobile.

Hide Balance Dial: *869#

Unhide Balance Dial: *869*2#

The above-said process will be done only for RS.1 tax. Jazz & Zong company will deduct only Rs.1 as tax to Hide or Unhide your balance. To activate this service, you don’t any need to worry about by using the internet, Facebook or WhatsApp packages freely and enjoying.

Activate the process and procedure for Zong Company to save your balance using internet services on your mobile.

Activate Data Management Service dial: *4004#

After dialing *4004# then chose Prepaid option from coming two options like 1). Prepaid 2). Postpaid.

While using the Internet, the consumers get shocked and worried that their balance is nill, they try to think that where their balance has been utilized or vanished from their cell phone. So the main reason is this their balance use by the Internet after their net packages completing the assigned milestone. But now you don’t need to worry about follow and use the abovementioned service to save or hide your balance. I hope you will enjoy this service, you must also share this information about hiding Jazz & Zong Balance to all your friends on social media, etc.