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No doubt that the Holy Quran is the last holy book provided by Allah. There is no doubt that the Holy Quran is a complete code of life. Here I have tried to explain some important directions of the Holy Quran. There is present the best and successful lifestyle by which we can get achievement and success in this world and at the time of judgment/doomsday.

Islam is complete code of life

Several years ago by two thousand years ago, the Holy Quran was descended/befallen by the Allah to the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.W.W through angel Jibrael A.S for all humanity. Science has also approved and accepted all the said directions given in the Holy Quran.

Allah gave so many directions and commands in this Holy Book, and every human being was ordered to follow the directions, it is mentioned in the holy book that says prayers of five times. It was said that follow and accept the five pillars of Islam like, Namaz, Roza, Haj, Zakat. it is also said by Allah that Muslims don’t become true Muslims if he doesn’t believe in the Allah, Holy Books, Angles, judgment day/doomsday etcetera.

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Essential for all humanity to follow the directions of Holy Quran

Never disgrace or misbehave with others during conversation.

Overcome your anger.

Give respect and morality to others.

Don’t arrogate (Garoor).

Forgive other’s mistakes.

Speak slowly and respectively with others.

Never enhance your voice or speak loudly with others.

Don’t joke or fun with others.

Serve, attend, and observe your parents.

Never misbehave or insult your parents.

Never enter into your parent’s home without getting permission.

Write your accounts and estimation.

Don’t imitate/investiture, recurrence other without investigation.

Give more time to owe or debtor.

Don’t eat or take interests, profitable, advantageous.

Don’t give a bribe.

Never break promises.

Believe at others.

Never mix false into truth.

Create justice between peoples.

Stand tightly for truthness.

Divide money of died person into their all family members.

Women are also payable inheritance.

Never appropriate and capture property of orphanage/fatherless.

Give protection to fatherless/orphanage.

Consume/disburse of other’s money when needy.

Makeup/ treat of peace with peoples.

Escape from calumny, calumniation.

Never backbite.

Never make detector/spy.

Give charity.

Provide food/logistics to the poor.

Find out the needy and help them.

Avoid spending over expenditures.

Never mention after doing charity.

Respect the guests.

First, do good deeds yourself, then after that preach to others to do good deeds.

Don’t spread vulgarity, badness, evils, and offensiveness.

Never stop the people to enter in the Masaajids.

Fight against them who fight with you.

Keep etiquettes, good manners during the fight/war.

Never rebel/give up the war.

There is no stress, trouble, asperity pungent, strictness, stringent, violent orharsh in the religious.

Believe in every prophet.

Never copulate, conjugate, intersexual, intercourse during the period ofmenses, menstruation.

Drink mother’s milk to your Childs for two years.

Escape from malpractice.

Elect the ruler on merit.

Never put extra/overload to others more than his tolerance.

Escape from disunite/discord (Nifaaq).

Concentrate and think deeply about the creation of the universe, museums, and inventions.

Both men and women will equal rewards for their good deeds or misdone/sins.

Never do marriage in selective blood relations.

Man must be the leader, administrator, head, and guider of the family.

Never make grabber, illiberal (Bakheel).

Escape from jealousy, malice, enviation, grudgation.

Don’t kill one another.

Follow directions of the Holy Quran to success

Never give support or backup to the deceiver, cheater, double-dealer, fraudster, jugglers, lair, victimize.

Don’t cooperate in the bad deeds or sinners.

Help one another in the way of doing good deeds.

The majority is not proof of truthfulness.

Keep the right way.

Create examples to give punishment to the cruelties, sinners and bad deeds.

Continue to struggle to get justice against cruelty and kindness.

The meat of dead animals, blood and flesh of pork are proscribed and forbidden.

Avoid drinking wines and other drugs.

Don’t play gambling.

Don’t manipulate (Hera Pheri).

Never do backbite.

Eat & drink but always thank God and never mention before others.

Don good and nice dress at the time of saying a prayer.

Help and protect them who beg help and protection from you.

Insure ablution, purification/deputation.

Never disappoint from the blessings of Allah.

Allah forgives the mistakes if done unwillingly.

Call the people towards Allah by wisely and sagaciously (Danaai).

Nobody will get punishment besides sinner.

Never kill your children due to poverty.

Don’t follow that which you don’t know or you don’t have knowledge about.

Remain away from hidden things.

Never enter into other houses besides getting permission.

Allah protects the people who believe in him.

Wander on the earth stopping, humbleness.

Leave the world after compilation your work, do your work before go to the grave.

Never join, confederate, include others with Allah.

Don’t indulge yourself in cognition, con substantial.

Give support to the truthiness/rightness instead of wrongness.

Never wander on earth shamelessly, unabashedly, obdurately (Dhathaai)

Women never show their beauties (Zeenat).

Allah forgives all the sins besides joining/resembling others with God.

Never disappoint, hopeless and despondent from blessing/mercy of God.

Kill, diminish, lessen the evils, cruelty with goodness, good deeds, virtuousness.

Make a decision with consults, Counselors (Mashaawart).

The more honorable/nice between you who more forbearance, restraint,(Perhaizgaar) avoidance from bad deeds, evils.

monasticism, monkishness (Rohbaaniyat) is not allowed in Religion.

Allah keeps prerequisitation, president (Muqadam) educated peoples.

Deal the non-muslims with politeness and kindness.

Refrain yourselves from temptation, avaricious, covetousness, greediness (Lalich).

Beg forgiveness from Allah, who is the most forgiver and showered his blessings.

Never refuse the person who begs from you.

Instructions for all Humanity in Holy Book, Holy Quran

Holy Quran Quotes For Living Successful Life 

So I have fully tried to explain to you some important directions of the Holy Quran with the meaning of different words into Urdu. If you follow and obey all the above-said messages given by Allah whose is only the creatures, sustainer and owner. After reading all the articles, May Allah provides us an easy way to follow the aforesaid directions. May Allah forgive our sins and refrain from bad deeds and evils again.

Holy Quran for all the humanityScience says that nobody will become mad if you say a prayer of five times, because during ablution he wet his neck with water, it is the only reason to become mad patient to keep dry his neck. so likewise there are so many inventions that have done and accepted with the Holy Quran.


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