How Automatic vehicle Look like in Future?

Automatic vehicle, vehicle robots, drones car,  Whatever you call them,These are self-running automatic cars may be is going to come into the showroom near you.

May be it take some years or more but a participant in the Geneva Motor Show a few people would dispute the idea that one day science fiction has become reality.

Meanwhile other car manufacturing companies like Google, BMW, Ford and IBM are working on similar technology. it is not that much considering what all this means for travelers.

Motoring think tank from Switzerland ‘Run Speed’, have tried to give a shape to this vision of the future. His car ‘Exchange’ exhibition at the Geneva Motor Show is going to be. Their car ‘Exchange’ exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show.

CEO and the founder of “Run Speed” Frank rndrnyt said that i wanted that Axis of the vehicle will be the traveler, nor automated technology.

They also say that travel in the Automatic vehicle its not mean now that I’m staring at the road, but now I will be able to spend my time in a more meaningful manner.

‘The question arises whether I would like to do whatever I can do at train or plane? Run Speed took four-seater car and made some changes in it such they made it ‘look like a private jet plane from inside’.

The seats of the car can slide and move in 20 different position, Twisting them into your vehicle’s 32-inch TV can view. Steering of the vehicle  can be brought into the middle of the car so that access to information will be more easy and possible.

Two LCDs put into dashboard to easy access through Internet, check e-mail and video conferencing. Frank also put a coffee machine in it.

Run Speed have a great progress in the design of vehicles. The company has also made underwater vehicle earlier.