How to Choose your Garage Door – Things You Need to Know

A garage door is not chosen at random! It must be safe, functional and ensure good insulation. Operated several times a day, the garage door has the obligation to be reliable and of good quality. It must be able to adapt to the use of its owners: garage, workshop or simple warehouse. Here are the elements to know to guide you in your choice. What is the average cost of a new garage door?

To choose well, you have to consider the openings and compare them.

·  The tilting garage door has a single panel that tilts upwards and is lodged under the ceiling. It is safe and resistant to break-ins. There are two systems: the counterweight or balancing door. These doors offer the possibility of being easily motorized.

·  The roll-up garage door is made up of slats that wind in a trunk, guided by rails. Advantages: the space is released, the insulation is good and it can be motorized.

·  The folding garage door consists of vertical panels hinged together. It is compact, well insulated and burglar resistant. Note that in this version, the garage is accessible all the way up. Unfortunately, the system cannot be motorized, resulting in faster wear.

·  The swing garage door consists of two leaves that open and pivot to the outside of the garage. It is possible to install a motorization. Advantages: its price is very accessible and its system does not encumber the garage. On the other hand, the insulation is very average.

The sectional garage door has several hinged panels. It offers the possibility of opening vertically or laterally. Ideal for small garages, it can be easily motorized. Advantages: it optimizes space, is efficient and has good insulation. Only drawback: its price especially as it is necessary to choose quality materials so that the panels do not deteriorate. Check the below all the necessary things mentioned by DIY-Garage-Door-Parts if you want to garage door spring replacement or want to buy a new and better garage door for your house.

What are the main materials?

Choosing a garage door is also choosing the material in which the door will be made: aluminum, steel, PVC or wood. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of each of them:

·  Steel

The advantages of steel: it is a material resistant to shocks and bad weather. It requires little maintenance and offers a wide range of colors. The disadvantages: it is of weak insulation and remains a heavy material.

·  Aluminum

The advantages of aluminum: it is a very resistant and stainless material. Very aesthetic, light and silent, it requires little maintenance. In addition, it is compatible with a motorization system. The disadvantages: it is a rather poor insulation that returns the outside temperatures in the garage. In addition, its price is quite high.

·  Wood

The advantages of wood: it is an aesthetic and warm material. It offers good weather resistance. It is sturdy, strong and proves to be an excellent insulator. The disadvantages: the installation of a wooden door is often difficult because of its weight. The wood requires regular maintenance and its price is high. In addition, it is not always compatible with the motorization system.

·  PVC

The advantages of PVC: it is an economical material. Lightweight, it offers good insulation and does not require any special maintenance. It is ideally suited for motorization systems. The disadvantage: its color palette is reduced.

What are the reasons for motorizing the garage door?

Today, when thinking of construction or renovation, it seems obvious to choose a motorization system for the garage. It is at the same time a comfort, a security and an improved life. So, here are the benefits you could derive from it:

·  The motorization allows the remote control of the opening of your gate. It is no longer necessary to get off your vehicle to open the door of your garage. An ideal solution for regular use;

·  The motorization allows the doors to be at the same time more efficient and more resistant since they do not close more by jerks. The service life of your garage door is enhanced;

·  The motorization makes the door system safer. Each time an obstacle is detected, the door locks. This is an excellent solution for keeping children safe and preventing break-ins;

·  The engine offers the choice of a connected door and a remote opening, using your smartphone.

What price for a garage door?

Before making your purchase, the price and frequency of maintenance should be taken into account. The price of a garage door varies depending on the size, the type of opening, the chosen material and the motorization. It will cost between $ 300 and $ 3000 (installation not included) for a garage door. But in any case, do not hesitate to call a professional. Essential element to any home, the garage door should be considered carefully. Take the time to study all the elements before choosing your model.