How to create Facebook desktop icon

Facebook is become so popular these days and many of us use Facebook daily and more than one time a day. It bothers to open web browser, type URL and open Facebook. For Elders it has become headache. It irritates you so much if you have to open 4 or 5 times a day. Today I will teach you user friendly tip to use Facebook direct from your desktop.
Let me describe how you can create Facebook Desktop icon or short cut. Step by step print screen will help you understand.

1. Right click any where on he desktop. Click New and select Shortcut

2. Type “” and click next

3. Type “Facebook” and click finish.

4. These steps will create Facebook icon on desktop for you. It will display default browser icon as you can see below.

5. It is very easy to change the icon. Right click on it and select properties. Select change icon in new window.

6. If this window shows least number of icon, change the icon location to C:\ windows\system32\SHELL32.dll as shown
Select any icon and click OK.

With few simple steps you created Facebook desktop icon. Don’t forget to share this trick with you friends.