How to Extend Battery Life Laptop

How to Extend Battery Life Laptop

How to Stretch powered battery notebook for a long time. Have you ever come across a situation like this photo. When we were out Outside of work or can not be recharged. batteries have Either we will have to work now. In this section, we propose a way to help you do not fret. batteries run out quickly anymore You try to adjust the data below it. How to Extend Battery Life Laptop read free tips for you.

How to Extend Battery Life Laptop

  • Reduce the brightness of the screen.

Adjusting the brightness of the screen. This affects the power consumption of the battery. If the screen is very bright, it’s even more powerful. Therefore, we should reduce the brightness of the screen down to prolong Notebook channel usage for longer. The light is just as viable. This way we can adjust ourselves. By pressing the brightness controls on the keyboard. Or set in the Control Panel

  • Do not open multiple applications simultaneously.

Programs should only need to use. Therefore, the unnecessary programs should be closed. These can be made to work with more CPUs. And drain the battery faster.

  • Close programs that are running behind

To check whether the System Tray (lower right corner is the bar of the screen as well. Near the watch called the System Tray) What programs are running or not. If so, turn off your computer. We will be ready to use in situations where we need savings. batteries because it will make us a lot of CPU load. It means that it will consume more battery power as well.

  • Avoid Fitting

Off USB connection be it is because of Bluetooth, Wireless, Wi-Fi, and USB devices are in a time when we want to save energy. Because these devices can draw power from the battery to the lot. And we will keep the battery runs out quickly. How to Extend Battery Life Laptop read this article will help you.

  • Use Standby or Hibernate when not in use any longer.

The second command word overall. It is used to stop the operation of devices like Hard disk, CPU, including the screen temporarily. But also the power to the system. Only used in very low doses.

Therefore, we can save the battery side command “Standby” is to shutdown but not sealed. When do I need to run it immediately command “Hibernate” is the command to shut tightly to it. But opened again To work from the point where it is.

  • Defragmenting the hard disk or the flash houses. A regularly

Because defragmentation regularly. To make files that are scattered on the hard drive of your computer. To come together and make it easier to find your hard disk. Activities done on the hard disk are easy.

It uses less battery power. The flag of the houses. The disk is organized in a mess. A classification Time to search for To be able to find it faster. Allows the hard disk is always running efficiently.

  • Do not open the CD or DVD

Try to avoid using Optical Drive for use on a CD or DVD drive, it will use the battery more than enough. These products consume much of the required data in the sheet. How to Extend Battery Life Laptop helpful tips are given on this website

  • Clean the contacts (Contacts).

Cleaning affects the endurance of Battery like Battery because it provides better performance when the normal temperature. Cleaning cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol to clean the copper fouling page. Energy in the battery flows into the air more efficiently.

  • Do not store batteries Charted already too long.

Because every time the battery charging will encourage them to be active and always. We should use it within 2-3 weeks will help maintain the battery not to wear faster than normal. And to make our batteries last longer.

  • Setting function to help save battery.

Power option settings to help save energy. Is there a way to set the following: Go to Start> settings> control panel looking icon power (Power Option), and then to try to adapt it to the use of our own, and to prolong the battery life too?

  • Add more RAM into

The machine has more RAM. It will support the work processes. Better to rely on “Virtual Memory” RAM stimulation of certain areas of the hard disk. But it’s hard disk consumption. So if you have enough RAM, it will reduce the hard disk down. I turned the power to the installed RAM added it a little. How to Extend Battery Life Laptop so read the directions on this page for how to increase laptop battery capacity at home free tips.