How to make single name account on Facebook

Facebook is social media website and most of us are using this. Each profile has a name, which is visible to friends and others to accessing the profile.  You are not allowed to put blank last name or to hide last name.  To hide or put blank last name is directly against the Facebook policy. Simply you are not able to have Facebook profile with single name. If you still want to go against Facebook policy and want to make a Facebook account with single name, follow the below steps.

Important Note: – No guaranty that this trick will work in your country. This trick is only optional workaround. Many users have used this trick and have their account on Facebook with single name. Many countries have blocked below IP addresses, so try your luck.
It is strictly recommended to use Mozilla Firefox if you want to do these changes.
Follow the below steps:-

To Change IP address manually, Go to settings of Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Go to Advance
  2. Go to network tab
  3. Click on settings
  4. Insert any of Bellow IP address
  5. or or
  6. And use port: 8080

Once you have modified above information, save your settings.

  1. Go to your Facebook Account settings
  2. Change language to Bahasa Indonesia
  3. After editing the above settings, just remove your last name and save it.
    Now you successfully have Facebook account with single name and your last name is blank.