Humaima Malik in her first Bollywood movie Raja Natwarlal

Actress Humaima Malik in first Bollywood movie Raja Natwarlal with Emraan Hashmi

Pakistan’s leading actress Humaima Malik country are not in need of any introduction. Reviews in the field of modeling auradakary country but also in foreign countries is very bright.

As soon as he films Bollywood udky renowned movie maker institutions began competing to sign the sutngzmyn who opposed them were active Humaima They also spread rumours to harm the country’s reputation, but they did eat of the mouth. The Humaima anyone heard any rumors or did not concentrate.

One of them was with Bollywood’s leading adakarsnjy Dutt in the film, other contestants were actor Amran Hashmi. The past month has been campaigned publicity film. Jingle all the music from the movie channels air programs Humaimathe various Indian channels through participation and promotion of his film are Emraan Hashmi. Due to the huge living Pakistan desperately waiting to see the film in cinemas.

If this process is not secret to anyone in Pakistan’s achievements. M: If India reaches his achievements here for various film companies approached his work in films. Indeed, the world of the Bollywood film industry has become a place where young fnkarky work on everyone’s First Choice. When I came here I offer films and living the story because their offers accepted. Bollywood star Emraan Hashmi was signed to me with the main character.

Wow, my opponents shooting our film beginning soon become active. I work in the film subjected to a bold new style refers Southwark. I had to tell several telling’m a professional actress. He is a professional actor who does meet the demand.

Actors own character until closer to reality does not offer, this time not the people appreciate his work. I got a hump cynljng role played with skill.

He was engaged in the Night uruz sutngz his film, but in Pakistan, my opponents were negative propaganda. My little sister’s wedding preparations continue, but because of my shooting schedule just a few days before her wedding back again to Mumbai after marriage reached. In response to a question, he said that Humaima Malik well know that I am working in a country where every step I make a lot of thinking and determined to proceed.

Because of my wrong doings I will not dishonor my holy homeland. A Breakaway has been working for more than fifty percent. Just remember one thing my opponents that they would criticize me instead of my work and also some unique work. Gndash, marktayy and normal formula would never work in movies.