Importance of Muharram in Islam Meaning Sunni Shia

Importance of Muharram in Islam

Here you will read and know the main importance of Muharram in Islam and basic information about the month of Muharram-ul-haram. How Muharram ul Haram is important for the Muslims and what was prohibited in this month.a

The Holy Prophet ﷺ referred to Muharram as the month of Allah, which alone demonstrates the great significance of this month solely because Allah’s name has been suffixed to it denoting possession. Also, read Muharram history of importance in Urdu.

Importance of Muharram in Islam Muharram Meaning Sunni Shia Urdu

The month of Muharram is great for many reasons as many great events have happened within this month throughout history and gives us many ……reasons to perform optional worship and increase in good deeds as well as remember the life of the Prophets – Allah’s peace and blessings be upon them all – and other great Islamic personalities.

It has always been the month of Allah since the beginning of creation as the mentioned ayah states as Allah says that He has ordained it in the book of Allah, i.e. al-Lahw ul-Mahfuz [the preserved tablet] the day He created the heavens and the earth. Keep on reading here to know the Importance of Muharram in Islam and Muharram history, Muharram meaning in Urdu.

The first of Muharram is known to the Ummah of the Holy Prophet ﷺ due to the revelation of Allah where he made an oath by the dawn in Surat ul-Fajr. More will be said about this shortly. The Bani Israel knew this sacred month by the name Rosh Hashanah which possessed their most sacred day known to us as Ashura and known to them as Yom Kippur, i.e. the Day of Atonement. Many great events happened on the day of Ashura, therefore Muslims and Jews celebrate the month of Muharram due to these significant events.

• It is the day when Adam – Alayhi salaam – was created

• Allah inspired Adam – Alayhi salaam – with the revelation of tawbah

• Allah granted forgiveness to Adam – Alayhi salaam – on this very day

• It is the day Noah’s – Alayhi salaam – Ark came to rest on Mount Judi

• Abraham – Alayhi salaam – was saved from the blazing fire on this day

• Ismaa’el – Alayhi salaam – was spared from being sacrificed on this day

• Yusuf – Alayhi salaam – was reunited with his father – Alayhi salaam – Yaqub on this day

• The Bani Isra’el were liberated from slavery on this day

• The Bani Israa’el were forgiven by Allah on this day

• Ayub – Alayhi salaam – was cured of his illness on this day

• Sulaymaan – Alayhi salaam – became the Sultaan of the Bani Israa’el on this day

• Yunus – Alayhi salaam – repented from the belly of the whale on this daySee More

Read here the Importance of Muharram in Islam Meaning Muharram Sunni Shia and Essay on Muharram on this page. In the month of Muharram, Shia peoples mourn and give pain to their bodies but Sunni Muslim peoples don’t mourn.