Imran khan & Reham Khan New Wedding Pics

Pakistani Famous personality Imran Khan has confirmed that he is marrying Reham Khan, a former BBC weather forecaster – despite criticism from his political opponents and family.

Identifying with journalists at Heathrow airplane terminal the previous evening before loading up a flight, Khan is accounted for to have said: ‘I am going to Pakistan to impart uplifting news about my marriage to the country. I don’t have anything to cover up.’

Reham Khan, separated and a mother of three, was connected with BBC and is currently mooring a show at a news direct in Pakistan while Khan was hitched to Jemima Goldsmith in 1995 and got separated in 2004. As per the news office, it is accepted that relatives and those in his political gathering had a go at talking him out .

Gossipy tidbits riffed in Pakistan in regards to Imran Khan’s marriage when a global news organization ‘daily Mail’ anticipated Khan to be subtly hitched to previous BBC climate young lady Reham Khan and were termed as ‘incredibly misrepresented’ in one of his twitter messages.

I HAVE hitched Reham Khan, says Imran Khan Finally uncovers he has marry mother-of three in the wake of ‘denying it’ as his sister says Reham Khan seems to be ‘shocked’ U-turn, Imran Khan wedding with  Reham Khan, She is 41 Year Old Divorce Women.

Imran Khan was heading out to Pakistan to impart news and had ‘nothing to stow away. Imran Khan separated Jemima Khan Goldsmith in 2004, following nine years of marriage…

Imran khan Married with With Reham Khan Wedding Pictures