Income Tax Return Last Date (15/07/2020)

Income Tax Return Last Date (15/07/2020)Tax Day is a conversational and informal idiom/expression. In the (US) United States it is considered colloquial expression. It is celebrated Tax Day due to an individual’s returns/pay income tax. It is submitted to the Government for development and welfare for the peoples of a Country. Every person whether he is rich or poor returns/pay equals tax/duty to the Government. Check here Income Tax Return Last Date / due date for the 2020 year.

Income Tax Return Last Date Announced

Income Tax Day-Date is 15th July 2020 (Wednesday).  Here you can know why tax day on 15th July of every year is and why it is considered Tax Day on July 15. Income tax return filing the last date is 15-07-2020.

In the past history, The Tax day date was 15th March 1918 and it was again renamed to 15th April 1955. Tax day means a deadline for the people to returns and pays income tax to the (IRS). IRS stands for Internal Revenue Service. This term is used in (US) the United States of America. Now check here Income Tax Return Last Date,  last date of filing return of income tax for the year of 2020.

  • Income Tax Day Date 2020: 15th July 2020
  • Income Tax Day: Wednesday
  • Income Tax Date 2019: 18th April 2019
  • Income tax date 2021: 15th April 2021
  • Typically Income tax date: 15th April
  • Income tax return last date: is 15th July 2020

Now in Pakistan (FBR), the Federal Board of Revenue has also registered so many tax fillers by the last 2 years. Every citizen and Government Employee have to register “Tax Filler”. So many people of Pakistan have become taxpayers / tax fillers. So become tax filler/taxpayers and every year easily returns and pay your income tax to the Government.  Deadline to file taxes, income tax filing date, Income tax return last date is announced 15th July 2020.