Increase MMC Space Good Mobile tip and tricks

Increase MMC Space Good Mobile tip and tricks

Your files in MMC square measure hold on in multiple (disk) blocks.
So if you format victimisation 16K block, the area used are 16K eventhough your file is simply 1K.

If you get MMC, it’s sometimes preformatted with 16K block. thus alot of area is wasted as most put in program files square measure sometimes but 2K.

You will want a card reader to try and do this:-

1. Connect card reader and replica all of your files within the MMC to laptop disk. (Make certain you set the show all/hidden/os files to “on”)

2. Do a format of the MMC victimisation instruction “format” and use the /A=size choice.

Alternative, you’ll be able to use the Disk Management in Adminstrative Tools to format. ensure you choose FAT. For 256MB MMC, smallest block you’ll be able to use is 4K, 128MB is 2K, 64Mb is 1K and 32MB is 512B.

(Note: you can not use the phone “format MMC” to try and do this because the format simply clear the allocation table and doesn’t amendment the block size)

3. Copy back all files to MMC.

Now can|you’ll|you may} realize that you just will have more room.
256mb MMC got here 30+ mbs