IOS 7.1 Released, More Faster and More Secure

End of waiting for the iOS 7.1 update firmware to the latest version of Apple’s iOS devices to improve performance in this new update with the following changes.

– The User Interface looks more beautiful at some point as the answer / hang up, the symbol on the Shift key and the Delete key on the keyboard is white. Easily visible
– problems rebooting itself. And solve problems using Touch ID to recognize more quickly.
– improved performance of the iPhone and iPad version of the old run faster on iOS 7.1.
– Supports CarPlay for iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C primary.
– update work And do some in iTunes Radio and iTunes Match.
– use voice commands to Siri last longer by pressing the Home button.

There are other solutions. That ever happened to iOS 7 and get a solution to the Beta version of the security issues in the lock screen, the iMessage, Facetime, and other applications. IOS 7.1 was corrected on this here.

Who wants to update it in order to prepare it. The update file will be around 268MB, but need the space on the memory than 2.5GB to update it.