iOS 7 Mobile Safari Concept Images Look Very Apple-Like


The UI of iOS has remained just about identical because the day Steve Jobs disclosed the initial iPhone to the globe in 2007. Apple has long thought if it ain’t poor, do not fix it; this has been Apple’s downfall within the past once it absolutely was king of the computer world, back within the day. mackintosh OS nine had primarily identical UI as previous versions whereas Microsoft was setting out to ship Windows with overhauled UIs that appealed to shoppers. It wasn’t till Steve Jobs came to the corporate he based and got pink-slipped from that mackintosh users would finally see a serious overhaul of mackintosh OS. Samsung, note and watch; this can be however you place on a show. Steve Jobs declared mackintosh OS X at MacWorld in Gregorian calendar month 2000. The reactions from the audience represent itself, they wished associate degree updated mackintosh OS UI and Apple finally gave it to them.
It’s time for Apple to try and do identical with iOS. Apple must do one thing similar with the discharge of iOS seven, as six years could be a long term within the technical school world to stay things wanting mostly unchanged. Apple is reported to be giving iOS seven associate degree overhaul once it ousted Senior vp of iOS code Scott Forstall in Oct and place Jony Ive guilty of UI. Apple declared in Oct, “Jony Ive can give leadership and direction for Human Interface (HI) across the corporate additionally to his role because the leader of business style.” These Mobile hunting expedition idea pictures by German designer brant goose Caswell provide hunting expedition a clean, updated look and add some helpful options while not lost too removed from what a lot of iOS users area unit already accustomed to.

In the renderings, the designer has other a feature already found in Chrome that mixes the address bar and search bar into one field, saving some assets within the method. Bookmarks get folders with favicons, providing a pleasant visual tweak for organizing and managing bookmarks in hunting expedition. Bookmarks can even be shared through iCloud, whereas having a “Bookmark Stream” that works like Photostream, causation you a notification once somebody shares a link with you. Tab management conjointly gets a pleasant update by displaying pages in an exceedingly grid thus users will see recent sites on one page rather than having to scroll through multiple pages, a feature that has remained primarily unchanged since the initial iPhone. There also are choices to simply modification text size, brightness, fonts, and themes victimization Safari’s Reader practicality.

These area unit solely renderings, however they provide a decent glimpse at what Apple might need future for iOS seven users. Apple is aware of a lot of users area unit accustomed to associate degreed love the UI of iOS however it is time to provide it an update. does one assume these sorts of options area unit one thing Apple would augment iOS seven, or area unit you hoping for an excellent larger overhaul? allow us to understand within the comments.