iPad Pro with 12.9-inch Large Screen

Although the news iOS iPad Pro tablet, Apple’s iPad comes with a screen size larger than the current size of 12.9 inches, but a recent report suggested that Apple may launch iPad Pro will not be soon.

This report from the CNET interviewed analysts from IHS named Rhoda Alexander, who said that from the manufacturer screen from many companies now Apple is testing a large screen that projected the display for the new iPad, which has. Size 12.85 inches, but by the amount of current production that has not produced a screen this size is very much expected that Apple will not release iPad’s big screen soon with just the iPad that is. Only available in the market with production is continuous.

Earlier, about the year Samsung The final release tablet screen size of 12.2 inches.  before Apple, but from a review of many of you who have experience with this tablet. Proved that tablets this size it is not very convenient to carry. I use the phone still feels strange. And they can not use it for a long time as well.

It will be like the first Samsung Galaxy Note launched the first version of it here. Who saw it complained that. handheld screen 5 inches is going to sell out, but it’s also bulky one. The most widely used mobile city.

However, previous reports said that Apple will launch iPad Pro about the second half of 2014 to see that this is true or not.