iPhone 5C 8GB available price is not cheap as you think

Released officially as well for. iPhone 5C 8GB model is determined to boost the sales of iPhone 5C decline to pick up addition, Apple has also covered the legendary iPad 2 sold for a long time and come back to sell. iPad 4 again


See the first post for the first generation 8GB iPhone 5C, which is available in some countries.Believe that the capacity is low. Many would think that this model would be priced iPhone 5C Strategic certainly. But you might be wrong, because the 8GB model is priced in the British Open came out, it has sold 429 pounds (empty), equivalent to Thailand is about 23,000 baht (16GB version of European sales at. about 26,000 baht), but as we all know that taxes in Europe are quite expensive. However, if we sell the house, really. Would not the price be lower than 15,000 for sure.

Another news is the iPad 4 to be brought back to sell again, Apple has stopped selling the iPad 2 officially on the Apple website by iPad 4 release recycled sale is a 16GB version only, and is priced at. $ 399 for the Wi-Fi Only (about 401.52 Dollar) a model or Cellular SIM is priced at $ 529 (about 17,000 baht).