IPhone 6 new models come with bigger cameras

This iPhone 6 Interest on deposits By a non-slip body iPhone 6, but are “dummy” used for the chassis itself. Which revealed the unit size larger than the iPhone 5S original version by this at all.

 This was posted by Bling My Thing iPhone 6, which reveals the size of the screen and the machine bigger than iPhone 5S in the picture by the color black. This is not the real me But as a model, the chassis must be used to make that case. And from the pictures we can see that the main cabinet design. I may not look much different from the original. Characteristics, but the flash on the back to see that the shape is different. Is from the original flash oval shape. But instead of using a circularWhich is believed to be a new flash. And the screen size is believed that this model has a screen size of 4.7 inches along with.