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Many of you are going to sit. iPhone 6 This new version will have a larger screen. There are two sizes and two versions or not. But recent reports say that the iPhone 6 will use a 4.7-inch screen model called the iPhone 6 Air 5.5 inch screen version will be called iPhone 6 Pro.

This report comes from Nomura Securities expects Apple to sell iPhone 6 release in the country of 46.5 million units in the fourth quarter after launch. To eat and share 73% of all iPhone sales in this period.

The source also stated that the iPhone 6 release version of the 4.7-inch, Apple will be called the iPhone 6 Air and the 5.5-inch will be called iPhone 6 Pro Model Air is priced in a foreign country, starting at $ 650 approximately. 20,800 THB Thailand the 5.5-inch version will cost more than $ 100 to $ 750 or about 24,000 baht in foreign countries.

I personally think that the iPhone 6 Air and iPhone 6 Pro This is very nice. If called iPhone 6 4.7 or iPhone 6 5.5 It is similar to the rival camp too. And it does look strange thing with my friends think that this name is also.