Calendar 2021 Pakistan with Holiday PDF

Calander 2020 PdfAs we know that a new year has been started, 2021 year has passed away and now we are experiencing/passing through the year 2021, Twenty-Twenty. Peoples of the whole world tried to search out the Calendar 2021 of every year to manage and design their work, to perform tasks they have to find out a calendar every year. Most of the people will be searching out the New Year calendar 2020 pdf calendar. Here I have gathered and designed the Calendar 2021 Pakistan pdf for the whole world.

This is a complete calendar 2021 for the year 2021. Merely this is not calendared rather this calendar also conveying very healthy and outstanding messages for the welfare of the human-like you will see in January 2020 Calander and you may also download the pdf format of calendar 2021.

Calendar 2021 Pakistan PDF

  1. January 2020:

2020 Calander Pakistan“Eat Less, Live Longer” is a very beautiful quote and message for humanity to live a healthy life also said that “Animals on 30% calorie-restricted diet lived up to 40 % longer & healthier lives”.

  1. February 2021:

Calander 2020 with Quotes“Sitting” is the new ” Smoking” & “Sitting and inactivity may be worse for health than smoking”.

  1. March 2020:

Calander 2020 with Quotes and messages“Unprocessed & Organic Food”, & “Refined food is the root cause of the present obesity epidemic”.

  1. April 2020:

Calander 2020 with Quotes“Lack of time not an excuse”, & Even 5-minute workouts every day improve your health significantly”.

  1. May 2020:

Calander 2020 with Quotes and messages“Balanced Food, Balanced Life”, & Optimal mix of macro and micronutrients for optimal health”.

  1. June 2020:

2020 Calander Pakistan“Hydrate for health”, & “Around 60 % of the body and 75 % of the brain is made of water”.

  1. July 2020:

2020 Calander Pakistan“Lifelong exercise has physical, mental & emotional benefits”, & combines aerobic exercise with strength training for most benefits”.

  1. August 2020:

2020 Calander“Beware of Salt Monster”, & “Eat less SALT!”.

  1. September 2020:

2020 Calander“Stress can Kill”, & “Practice stress reduction to prolong life”.

  1. October 2020:

Calander 2020 with Quotes“Super Foods”, & “Some examples of nutrient-dense & antioxidant-rich foods to “supercharge your health”.

  1. November 2020:

Calander 2020 with Quotes“Sleep like a baby”, & “Optimal sleep has almost magical health restorative properties”.

  1. December 2020:

Calander 2020 with Quotes“Prevention is Better than Cure”, 7 “Be up to date with vaccinations, screening tests, and health checkups”.

I fully hope that you will enjoy these posts and beautiful sayings, quotes, messages for the kindness and welfare of humanities. This beautiful calendar 2021 is presented to you by Jamia Madina Masjid Railway Road Nankana Sahib.

History & Introduction of “Jamia Madina Masjid Railway Road Nankana Sahib Pakistan”

2020 Calander Madina Masjid PicMadina masjid was founded in 1950 by the Muslims of Nankana Sahib. This masjid is situated 100 gaz far from Gurdwara Janam Asthan. This masjid is consisting of a 2.5 canal area. The HIght of the Shrine in Madina Masjid is 160 feet. This masjid has the capacity to sit and pray of almost 3 thousand Muslims prayer once at a time. almost 5 crores Pakistan’s rupees has been spent on the construction of this masjid.

I fully expect that you will enjoy this post and calendar 2021 Pakistan created by Jamia Madina Masjid, Railway Road, Nankana Sahib, Pakistan, and you will also share this post and beautiful quotes to social media. I have also attached a pic of Madina Masjid Nankana Sahib. You can see and imagine how beautiful and fabulous masjid are looking.

Calendar 2021 In Pdf formate