Javed Ghani FBR Fedral Board of Revenue

Javed Ghani FBR Fedral Board of RevenueHere see a latest news that Javed Ghani  has given additional charge of fbr. Nausheen Amjad has been replaced with Javed Ghani FBR. The government of Pakistan has assigned additional responsibility to him as (FBR) Federal Board Of Revenue Chairperson. He was appointed as FBR Chairperson on dated 4th July 2020 (Saturday).

M Javed Ghani FBR Chairperson

FBR chairperson has been changed and replaced s o many times in the past history. Now according to latest resources and social news that Javed Ghani FBR Pakistan has been given extra duty / job as Chairperson of (FBR) Federal Board of Revenue.

Before this Nausheen Amjad was chairperson of FBR. Main reason of changing her is net clear yet.  She was appointed in April. Now she has been replaced with Muhammad Javed Ghani for 3 months or till next order. Chairperson of FBR is appointed in BS-22.

  • Javed Ghani FBR Education: (LLM) Master of Laws
  • Nationality: Pakistan

So here know about who is current chairperson of (FBR) Federal Board Of Revenue is Muhammad Javed Ghai fbr who has appointed and given extra charge of fbr.