Jazz Lockdown Offer – Free Whats app and Calls Packages

Jazz company has offered free whats app and free calls packages for their customers/consumers. Due to COVID-19 all over the world are facing so many challenges, so many people are affected by CORONA virus and a bundle of peoples passed away / deceased due to COVID-19. Wheel of success has been jammed / blocked / stopped all public places. Flights and business have been stopped due to this pandemics COVID-19.

Jazz Lockdown Offer Code

Jazz Lockdown Offer Free balance

Owing this this critical situation where all shops and markets are closed. Govt has taken some effective steps to help the people. Govt has started some projects and program to help the people and to cope /fight with COVID-19 like Insaf Imdad program, Punjab Ehsas Program, tiger force, PTCL offer Rs. 1.9 million etc. And there are so many others foundations and organization are working in Pakistan to fight COVID-19 and helping the helpless people.  So jazz company has also offered to their consumers that consumers can use free whats app and free calls packages without any cost. Jazz lock down offer free balance is this that jazz free calls packages and jazz free whats app are given to jazz consumers.

Jazz Lockdown Offer Free Balance

Suspected or confirm COVID-19 patients in Pakistan are living in Quarantine triage center where to live is very tough and biggest challenge for us. Some people are locked inside at home. So many official works are done only on Mobile Phones and people are just stay connected on phones. So owing to this critical situation jazz lock down offer is given by Jazz in the shape of Free whats app and free calls packages and free sms packages.

How to use Jazz Lock down Offer at home? See here jazz lockdown offer code here.

  • You just dial *5555# at your mobile phone.
  • It will ask you press 1 for Infinity bundle.
  • Press 2 for super bundle.
  • Press 3 for youtube bundle.
  • Dial *826# at your mobile for free internet packages on Jazz.
  • Dial *824# at your mobile to take 500 MBs internet packages valid for 3 days.
  • Dial *832# at your mobile to get 500 MBs internet bundles free at your Jazz network sims.
  • Dial *5555# at your mobile & achieve 1GB free internet bundle.you just achieve this Jazz lockdown offer free at your mobile and enjoy the best sevice by Jazz mobile network company. You also check this.