Jeff Bezos crossed $200 billion, become first person in the world

Jeff Bezos crossed 0 billion, become first person in the worldWho was the first person to be a trillionaire in the world? Jeff Bezos crossed $200 billion, become the first person in the world by 2022. He is the owner of Jeff Bezos net worth is 200 Billion $ which was reported on Wednesday shared by the E-Commerce. It is the latest news that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos becomes first man worth $200 billion 2022.

Bill gates owner of Microsoft Company remained First Richest person in the world now the question is this who is the richest person in the world 2022, Jeff Bezos? Yes, it is true now amazon owner has become the richest person of the world 2022.

On this page know the news that how much money Jeff Bezos earn in 1 second? He left behind Bilgates & Mark Zuckerberg FB. Read Jeff Bezos Biography and family details. Details of Top 10 Richest peoples in the world given read below.

Jeff Bezos crossed $200 billion Net Worth, Family, Houses, Pictures

It is the latest news sharing on social media that World Richest man 2022 is CEO named Jeff Bezos. Jeff defeated Bilgates. He is the owner of 190 bn $ whereas Bilgates has $ 120 bn and Mark Zuckerberg facebook owner has $100 billion.

Introduction to Jeff Bezos Biography Richest man in the world ever

Jeff Bezos belongs to America.

He is an American Internet Entrepreneur & Media proprietor & Investor in America.

Jeff Bezos age is 56 years old.

He was born on 12 January 1964.He got awards Axel Springer Award and James Smithson Medal.

He got education from Princeton University.

Jeff Bezos parents: Jacklyn Bezos mother and Ted Jorjencen father.

His Mother name Jacklyn Bezos.

Jeff Bezos Father: Ted Jorjencen & Migual Bizos.

Jeff Bezos family details: 4 children.

Jeff Bezos wife: Mackenzie Scot

Mackenzie Bezos Scot occupation: American Novelist.

Jeff Bezos houses details: Beverly Hills State of 165 million $.

Jeff Bezos children: 4

Top 10 Richest Person in the world 2022

Jeff Bezos crossed$ 200 Billion.

Bilgates: $ 120 bn

Mark Zuckberg: $ 100 bn

Bernard Arnault: $ 81.4 bn

Mukesh Ambani India: 80.3 bn $

Steve Ballmer: 77.7 bn $

Warren buffet: 77.5 bn $


The billionaire ranking annually increase and decrease know the net worth of
wealthiest peoples in the world.

Total Net worth amount: 8 Trillion U.S Dollars.

No of Billionaire in the world: 2095 persons.

On Wednesday Jeff Bezos eclipsed $200 billion and Jeff Bezos richest person in the world crossing Bilgates $120 Billion. So now Jeff Bezos becomes the first person ever worth $200 Billion on Wednesday. Do peoples want to know that how did Jeff Bezos lose 1000000? He is CEO Amazon online seller.