Kartarpur Corridor Latest News

Here get Kartarpur Corridor latest news and updates. Before 3 months ago Pakistan has locked Kartarpur Corridor due to COVID-19 but according to latest news it is said that Pakistan has opened Kartarpur Corridor after 3 months. 

How Indian Can Visit Kartarpur Corridor Pakistan 

Indian Sikh yatrees can come to Pakistan to visit Kartarpur Corridor after custom clearance from Immigration department. Indian Sikh Yatrees would have to follow SOPs, rules and regulations to visit Kartarpur Corridor Gurdwara Darbar Sahib. 

he border between Pakistan and India is called Kartarpur Corridor. Kartarpur Corridor Inauguration Ceremony is being inaugurated on dated 9th November 2019 by Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. This is a very big Gurdwara of the World. This is a big success for the Sikhs of the entire world, this mission accomplished after 72 years of progress and hard work.

Beautiful Look of Kartarpur NarrowalThis project will be completed in just 10 months. This gurdwara consists of 44 acors areas. Sikhs yatrees are celebrations their joy so excitedly and wholeheartedly. The inauguration ceremony will be held at 11 AM by PM and six thousand chairs are settled for the Guests, some gusts from India also participate in this ceremony.

Pakistan and India Corridor Ceremony

Inauguration ceremony for Kartarpur CorridorIt is also said that Member of Parliament Sunny Doel who is the Indian actor and big stars, Indian Cricketers will also participate in this inauguration ceremony. Nawjoot Singh Sidhu gee will also be seen here. Ex Indian Prime Minister Doctor Manmohan Singh, C.M Capt Amarinder Singh and other Indian Gusts will come in Gurdwara Darbar Sahib through this corridor. Get Kartarpur Corridor Latest News on this page.

Kartarpur Narrowal District PakistanWhere Is Located Kartar Pur:

Kartarpur is a town and this is located in the District Narowal in the Punjab of Pakistan. Kartarpur is located in Tehsil Shakargarh, District of Narowal. It is located on the right bank of the river Ravi.

Importance of Kartarpur Corridor:

It is the demand from the Sikh Community to call for a visa-free Kartarpur Sahib Corridor between Pakistan and India. Kartarpur corridor is a border between India & Pakistan. It connects Gurdwara Darbar Sahib India and Sikh Shrines of Dera Baba Nanak Sahib. It is just 4.7 KM from Pakistan to India.

Kartarpur Narrowal District PunjabVisa Free for Kartarpur Corridor or not:

It is a Visa-free journey in Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Pakistan by Indian pilgrims via corridor Kartarpur.

Kartarpur Corridor Inauguration Ceremony by PM Imran Khan

Inauguration ceremony for Kartarpur CorridorMeaning of Kartarpur Corridor:

It is an under-construction border between Pakistan and our neighborhood India. It will connect Shrines of Sikh Yatree Dera Baba Nanak Sahib which is located in Punjab, India & Gurdwara Darbar Kartarpur Sahib which is located in Pakistan, Punjab. Continue to vistit this page of scoopak to get Kartarpur Corridor Latest News and updates.

Project for Kartarpur GurdwaraKartarpur established by:

This town founded by the fifth Guru of Sikhs, “Sri Arjan Dev Jee”. Kartarpur situated in the city of Jalandhar in the Doaba region of the state.

Funding of Kartarpur Corridor:

Kartar village in Sakhar District NarrowalNow the question is this who is funding to this project Kartarpur Corridor. It will be a visa-free movement for Indian Pilgrims. It is being built by India Government.

How Kartarpur is Important for Sikh Yatrees

Gurdwara Darbar Sahib is situated near the banks of the Ravi river it is important for the Sikhs community. This project was approved by the cabinet committee and meeting convened by PM India Narendra Modi on 22nd Nov 2018.

Project for Kartarpur GurdwaraRemember: This project was inaugurated last year on 28th November 2018. Passports will be required for Indians to come into Pakistan through the Kartarpur corridor and registration will be done before 10 days of arrival. The first phase has been completed therefore inauguration of the first phase is being inaugurated.

The first phase completed today inauguration ceremony is being organized. But it is said that in the 2nd phase of the Kartarpur corridor project, High standard Hotel, Restaurant and Shopping Mall will be established. Keep in touch with Kartarpur Corridor Latest News on this page.