Kashana Scandal Iqra Kainat Death

It is very bad news for the people of Pakistan that a girl who raises the voice against those people revealed the reality that women who revealed the news about making illegal intersexual relation with those girls in orphanage centre whose father and mother have passed away, their parents are no more now. Afshan Latif is o former superintendent of Kashana Cente Lahore Dar-ul-Amaan raised his voice against her sudden death of orphan girl Iqra kainate.  Lady woman whose name is Iqra Kainat, bravely she rase the voice and exposed off about intercourse relationship with orphanage girl, an orphan girl Iqra Kainat was killed/ assassinated and found dead in Edhi centre. She was killed on 6th February 2020 in Edhi center.

Kashana Scadel Shelter House Iqra Kainat Death

Kashana Scandel Girl Iqra KainatPolice said that her death is mysterious she already tried to commit suicide so Police officers ordered to do a post-mortem of orphan girl Iqra Kainat and it was completed but the result of post-marten was remained hid by the Police so far. Afshan Latif superintendent of Dar-ul-Aman said that she never commit suicide this case must be investigated thoroughly it is suspicious death that she was the only eyewitness and she had enough witness / hidden secrets about different welfare organizations.

Iqra Kainat Kashana House DeathThere are few videos are spreading in perspective of harassment / putting pressure on orphan girls by Director General (D.G) in November 2019. They were enforced to get married not only them but also below 16, 17 aged girls. It was said by some peoples that she was misusing the name of shelter/food.

Kashana Scandel Girl Iqra KainatWhen she agreed to put up the case and expose the reality about shelter home she was stuck out / removed from her jobs. She tried to approach to Inspection Team of Chief Minister. Here we appeal the PM Prime Minister Imran Khan Sahib and Chief Justice and other higher authority to take notice on top priority base to investigate this matter and provide justice to the girls of Shelter home only the Govt is the only way and hope for those orphanage girls who are living in the shelter home.

Kashana House Dar-ul-Amaan Iqra Kainaat

Sorry to say but this type of activity put a bad impression on the Pakistan Country which country was made/achieved by so many sacrifices and made in the name of Allah Almighty and Kalima Tayyaba. To see such type of bad news it seems that Pakistan is not a Muslim country if Pakistan would be a Muslims country so who can a Muslims religion can permission to do such type of illegal intersexual course with those who are already orphans.

Kashana Scandel Girl Iqra KainatSorry to say Mr, Imran Khan PM Pakistan Sahib kindly do the inquiry thoroughly and make the decision purely on facts and reality if you are really Muslims if you really want this country rule, sovereignty, state of Madina. I hope for the best.