Kashmir Pakistan Map, History, Azad & Jammu Kashmir

I have displayed here Kashmir map Pakistan, Kashmir Pakistan Map & Azad Kashmir Map, route, diagram chart and sketch on this page. Also know here Pakistan Kashmir and India short history, a story about Azad Kasmir Pakistan and Jammu Kashmir India.

Kashmir Pakistan Map, History, Azad & Jammu Kashmir

Azad Kashmir Pakistan: In 1947 a war was fought between Pakistan and India for the purposes of getting separate nation, country and continent where Muslims can worship only one God ( Allah Almighty ). Our national and great heroes like Quid-e-Azam ( Muhammad Ali Jinnah ), Fatima Jinnah (Sister of Baba Quid e Azim) and Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and so many others peoples sacrificed their lives for the welfare of Pakistan and getting separate continent. See here Kashmir Pakistan Map, Kashmir Map India on this page.

Kashmir Pakistan Map AJK

In this regard So many meetings, Congress and resolution were arranged for the purposes of getting rid of Hindu, Sikh nation who are non-muslim and worship so many Gods like, water, cow, tree, Idle ( Budhs) etc. Azad Kashmir is situated in Pakistan see here Azad Kashmir Pakistan map. Kashmir is situated in the east of Pakistan. Read Pakistan Defence Day 6th September poems, SMS, wallpapers, quotes.

Kashmir Pakistan Map, History, Azad & Jammu KashmirJammu Kashmir India: It is situated in the continent of India. During the 1st war between Indo and Pak so many people were killed, lost and during spook so many peoples had to come in Pakistan from India and so many people had to go to India from Pakistan. Punjab was halved during the war between Muslims and Sikhs. Peoples had left their houses, property and families.

Peoples had to wander here and there to find their families and relatives but in the big crowd, some peoples had to leave/lost their families which is highly unbearable for a person. See here Jammu Kashmir India Map, it is situated in the west of India see here Kashmir Pakistan Map, Kashmir India Map and Kashmir Map Pakistan. Listen Kashmir Songs 2021 ISPR (Pak Army)

Kashmir Map India Map of Jammu and Kashmir with LOC

Total Area of Azad and Jammu Kashmir India: 222,236 sq KM

Total Area of Azad Kashmir Pakistan: 13297 square Kilometers

The total population of Azad Kashmir Pakistan: 40, 45, 336 as per census 2017

Total Population of Jammu Kashmir India: 12.54 million

President of AJK Kashmir: Masood khan

Total Districts of Azad Kashmir: 10 Districts

Total Districts of Jammu Kashmir India: 22 Districts

I hope this content would be helpful and useful for this. You can read on this page Pak and India war, Kashmir Pakistan Map, Kashmir India Map, Kashmir Population, Kashmir Area, Kashmir Districts, Kashmir Map Pakistan/India and Kashmir History of 1947. Both Pakistan & claims of all Kashmir but territory have been partitioned/divided since 1947 between both of them.

Kashmir Pakistan Map, History, Azad & Jammu Kashmir

PM Pakistan Imran Khan has issued Pakistan New map, in this map you can see Kashmir on Pakistan map, it will be Pakistan official map oncoming times, Kashmir Pakistan map and Pakistan new map would be published and studies on the books and schools etc. It is said that Pakistan new map would be presented at UNO United Nation Organization.

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