KIA Sorento 2021 Price in Pakistan

This is the so comfortable and big adventure of the world this has been introduced KIA Sorento 2021 Price is Rs. 49,21,000/- PKR. Price Kia Sorento in USD is 30465$. Here on this page read its full specification and price and release date check also its Interior and Exterior view from inside and outside view. It has a triple threat “Beauty, Brains & Brawn”. This is new trio-style advanced assistant technology for the driver. This has the latest features and specs.

Here below its latest and amazing features have been built in from the company maker. KIA Sorento 2021 has the power to experience every road and route. This is no matter that which route you choose but with Sorento Kia 2021 travel with safety and comfort. Driver this with safe confidence and reliability. This is the 1,00,000 miles warranty backed by 10 years.

KIA Sorento 2021 Price

  • Traffic Collision Avoid Assistant.
  • Safe Exit Assistance.
  • Alloy Wheels of 18 Inches.
  • Gloss Black Pockets.
  • Rear Cross.
  • Warning of Blindspot collision.
  • S AWD Packages.
  • Driving Modes.
  • Syntax Seat.
  • Turbo Charged power train.
  • Smart Key (Push Button).
  • Remote Start.
  • Auto Emergency Braking Technology.
  • Seats: Standard 5+2 seating
  • Black Exterior Accents.
  • 227 Combined Horsepower
  • Electrified Turbo Storytelling machine.
  • 2.5 L Turbo Engine.
  • More square inches of the touch screen.
  • Bigger Interior.
  • 1,00,000 Miles Warranty with 10 years backed.
  • Warranty: 10 Years or 1 Lac Mile.
  • Launch: 2021
  • KIA Sorento 2021 Price: Rs. 49,21,000/- PKR

KIA Sorento 2021 Price Specs continue to read here more. This is an electrifying turbo storytelling machine having a 1 Lac mile Warranty oil backed 10 Years. It has 227 Combined Horsepower 37 combined. This is available with a 2.5 L Turbo engine with 311 lb. KIA Sorento 2021 has 5+2 standard seating.

How much will the 2021 Kia Sorento cost? so get here the answers it has 49,21,000/- PKR and 30465$. If this has likes and amazing features in it so on the other hand it has dislikes in this car. The third-row seat is very small in this car and has more noise of engine etc, there is more hard plastic in the cabins.

In the KIA Sorento 2021, there are is almost everything is new and smart features have been built-in. This faces some more and bigger challenges on the road. There are so many amazing features inside this that are much inspiration for the audience. KIA Sorento 2021 price in Pakistan is Rs. 49,21,000/- PKR. Peoples want more relax, reliable and more comfortable riding on the road that is why they choose like this.

KIA Sorento 2021 Price Specifications Features Table. Sorento KIA price is Rs. 49,21,000/- PKR. with 10 years or 1,00,000 miles warranty. Check it exterior and interior view portion outside and inside. Sorento Kia 2021 has different colors and features. This has gotten a scale rating from 1 to 10 is a 6.8 ranking scale.