Kids Toys Best Technology in 2020

Here see Kids Toys Best Technology in 2020. Cutting edge technology doesn’t need to be the reserve of tablet and smartphone fans. Nowadays even the young ones are in on the act. A brief visit to the 2020 London Toy Fair revealed plenty of tech treats for the smaller gadget lovers in the family. Here are our favorites. Here i have described some Kids Toys Best Technology in 2020 like Vtech Kidizoom smart watch, Scalextric iPad race control system and Revell Nano quadcopter etc.

Kids Toys Best Technology in 2020

Vtech Kidizoom smart watch

Kids Toys Best Technology in 2020While some might be happy with the idea of placing a £300 Samsung Galaxy Gear on the wrist of their 5-year-old, we much prefer this £39 Vtech offering.

Start them with tech while they’re young we say, with a nice 0.3-megapixel camera attached to the device’s strap. Things don’t stop there however, with the Vtech’s capabilities coming close to far more expensive flagship Android products.

Included are built-in educational games, all of which can be played back on a 1.4-inch color touch screen. Pictures captured with the wrist-cam can even be edited and then sent to your PC so friends and family can share them.

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Scalextric iPad race control system

Kids Toys Best Technology in 2020One of the main issues we’ve always had with Scalextric is that it isn’t actually that fun. Once setup, most races are nothing more than a case of simply watching cars move around in circles.

The new Scalextric RCS or Race Control System can pair up with your iPad and let you control every single aspect of a race. It’s a high-tech way of making Scalextric much more exciting.

The app can control the speed at which cars move on the track, implementing things like pit stops and even virtual fuel tanks and tyre wear. Races are timed and results can even be posted to Facebook or Twitter.

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Playmobil remote control car with camera

Kids Toys Best Technology in 2020This is a twist on your conventional RC car. Included with the Playmobil set is a small portable screen that plays back a video signal sent from a camera unit built into the car itself. But you can get some of the best RC cars under $50 here.

It means you can get a ‘drivers eye view’ of whatever your RC car is getting up to. The unit is completely removable, so you can attach it to other toys or, should you be so inclined, use it to monitor other goings on remotely.

Playmobil is also introducing a remote control pirate ship this year, so you could (if you have a lot of pocket money), attach the camera to the boat and go for some video-based sailing.

Kids Toys Best Technology in 2020

Revell Nano quadcopter

Kids Toys Best Technology in 2020The last time we came across a quadcopter was the vastly impressive Parrot AR Drone. Unlike Parrot’s device, which is fairly pricey, this Revell kit is designed to be affordable and is all about small, short and sweet flights.

Claiming to be the smallest quadcopter in the world, the Revell Nano fits in the palm of your hand and is able to fly for roughly five minutes after a 30 minute charge. The ‘copter is priced in at around £40, which is a big price drop over other more expensive iPad controlled drones.

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