Flying Car Test Flight has completed for 35 Minutes

London: This is the latest technology developed a flying car has completed its flight for 35 minutes between the cities in London. It is a prototype flying car test that was taken between 02 cities of Slovakia. Klein Vision Flying car flew on Monday 28th June 2021 for a test drive. Klein Vision is a company name located in Nitra Slovakia.

Flying Car Test Flight has completed for 35 Minutes

A press release has published this news on Wednesday 30-06-2021 about the Klein Vision Flying Car Test Flight price expected 1.5 trillion $ by 2040. This is a new technology for the modern ere now the coming youth will see the flying car.

Features of Flying Car Test Flight Price

We are listening from childhood about flying cars that a car can fly or not. So, the dream has become successful and the moment has come when a person can see the Flying car flying in the air. This car can at 8200 feet in the air.

Klein Flying Car Price
CEOStefan Klein
Co-FounderAnton Zajac
Company NameKlein Vision
Company AddressNitra Slovakia
BMW Engine160 Horsepower
190 KM per hourper hour
Seats3 and 4 Seater
Flying Car Price1.5 Trillion $ by 2040

Flying Car Video

Company Name Klein Vision

Company Address Nitra Slovakia

BMW Engine 160 Horsepower

190 KM per hour

CEO Stefan Klein

Co-Founder Anton Zajac

3 and 4 Seater

Flying Car Price 1.5 Trillion $ by 2040

Flying Car Test Flight has completed for 35 Minutes

Flying Car Test Flight can convert from road vehicle to aircraft and aircar to road vehicle in just 3 minutes. Science fiction has not become reality. It has completed its 1st ever inter-city flight. It has 160 horsepower BMW engine with 3 to 4 seats.