Lahore Motorway Women Was Raped

Lahore Motorway Women Robbed and Rapped at Gujjarpura

Read here a very sad news that a women of two children was raped at Lahore Motorway. She was robbed and raped with gang at Gunpoint near Lahore Motorway at Gujjarpura Punjab Pakistan. Police has investigated that she was travelling with her 2 childrens in a car at Gujjarpura Lahore Motorway last Wednesday 9th September 2020 (Wednesday). She called at Motorway helpline 130 for any assistance. Women residance of Gujranwala going back to her home. Lahore Women name Sana husband name Sardar Shehazad.

Lahore Motorway Women Raped at Gunpoint

Some unknown person stoped the women car at gunpoint, she was travelling to lahore with her two childrens. Shooters looted/robed gold amounting 1 lakh. Unknown person snatched gold from her and also rapped at Gujjarpura Lahore Motorway.

  • Lahore Women Motorway name: Sana Sardar Shahzaad
  • Residance: Gujranwala DC Colony
  • Unidentified person snatched from women Rs. 100000
  • Gold price 1 lakh
  • Gold bracelet rs 50 thousands
  • ATM 3 Nos
  •  Registration Card Car
  • FIR launched: yes
  • Incident time and date 9-9-2020 Wednesday 3 AM.


Lahore Motorway Women was rapped at Lahore Motorway. Police shifted her to the Hospital. Police is investigating the matter through CCTV Camera installed Punjab Safe City Projects. Women was going back to her home Gujranwala on the way ring road Lahore late night Tuesday 08th September 2020. She told the Police that her car was stopped at Gujjarpura due to suddenly engine stopped. Women also called at motorway helpline 130 for help.

Gujranwala Women Lahore Motorway was Rapped

Lahore Motorway Women Was Raped FIRThis is another rapped case happened in Pakistan.

Case 1

Case 2



On Tuesday night Lady residance of Gujranwala stuck on the road Gujjarpura Lahore Ring Road 2 unknown person came to her on foot from nearby location.  The allaged took her in the fields near by Gujjarpura Lahore and raped her. Allaged rapists snatched also her ATM Card, Golds Rs 1 lakh rupees.