Latest 2013 Natural Hair Tips & Tricks


Natural Hair!

I commend all men and women out there who are growing out their natural hair, growing natural Hair IS NOT an easy task nor is it something you can do without knowledge of your hair. There are a few things you need to keep in mind along the way before transitioning. Listed below I have included a few tips and tricks of the trade that you should know.


Don’t Miss These Few Tips & Tricks!


1. Apple cider vinegar clarifies and removes buildup, restores shine. It also helps to kills the bacteria that cause dandruff. Before and after you shampoo, you can use this rinse. One part water and one part Organic Apple Cider, massage into the scalp. Rinse with cold water after 30 mins. Don’t use twice a week. Make sure to use small amounts, too much use of this contribute to dryness and will damage your hair.


2. Sulfates are harsh chemicals that can harm your hair. They can cause dry hair, damage and breakage. Don’t use Shampoos that contain sulfates.


3. If you are wearing braids, stay away from tension around the hairline. Too much of pulling and tugging around the edges cause breakage and bald spots.


4. Deep conditioning makes hair shine and allows you to wear natural styles for longer periods of time.


5. Beer will help add a ton of shine to your hair as well as help with breakage, damage and dryness. It also helps thicken your hair. Because in the beer, hops and malt are made up of protein.


6. Mayo contains a ton of oils and proteins that can be really great for your hair. It’s very good for people with damaged and dry hair, like me. If you are able to make your own mayo,  it will be better for you rather than bought from any store.


7. We’ve all had those days where there is nothing you can do to rid your hair of fly aways and static. To grab a dryer sheet and rub it on your head for a quick fix for this.


8. Castor oil will help your eyelashes and eyebrows grow faster. It is also said to help the hair on your hair grow faster. The hair follicle works strengthning the hair. Apply castor oil to your entire scalp and massage in. Use a plastic cap to cover your hair and allow to sit for at least 20 minutes or sleep with it in for best results. To get all of the oil out, shampoo your hair really good. For better and best results, repeat this for once in a week.