Latest 5 iPhone Tips & Tricks!


Latest 5 iPhone Tips & Tricks!

Apple Sells Nine Million iPhones for Biggest Launch Ever. Operators usually pay Apple higher subsidies for the iPhone than formost devices, meaning higher costs associated with Apple’s phone. The device fits perfectly on the base of your Apple iMac or your monitor.

This article has 6 iPhone tricks and tips, including iPhone tips and tricks. It will show you some cool tricks that you can also do with your iPhone, experience more productive, and will help you to save a lot of time doing things on your iPhone.

* When typing, if you press and hold a letter you will have a pop up with various versions of the letter and this is useful when you’re typing something in another language that uses Spanish or Latin letters.

* You can enable parental controls, certain restrictions on your iPhone by going to settings>general>restrictions.

* The roaming fee is very high when I was traveling abroad. But anyway, I still have to use my iPhone. If you are outside, you should choose the carriers which have roaming agreements with your iPhone service. Go to Settings,then tap Carrier, and select.

* Formerly, I believed that the iPod icon is set by default and cannot be changed at will. Later, I come to the dawn that it can be changed. Go to iPod, tap Configure, then Choose More, tap Edit and hold on the icon you prefer to replace the older one. Tap on Done when you’re finished.

* The iPhone 4 has got amazing syncing function and backup. You can prevent unwanted disturbance while doing so by taking off the SIM card when the backup begins, This will not do any harmfull to your iPhone and users can use another device to make calls by inserting the SIM card.

* Any website, you could be fitted on the iPhone 4’s screen by a quick double tap on a column.

I am sure that after going through the list of iPhone tips & tricks mentioned above you will have lots of fun with your iPhone and be able to use it to its best. From more usage of your iPhone you will discover many more such tips & tricks on your own as well.