Latest Health News: Punjab reports its first polio case in 2013


Islamabad: after the detection of a replacement polio case in Mianwali district of punjab, the tally of the kids diagnosed with the incapacitating sickness within the country this year has reached 5.

According to an official of the Prime Minister’s Polio Monitoring and Coordination Cell, the latest polio sufferer is Naghma, a three-year-old girl from an Afghan settlement in Essakhel (Mianwali).

She is the first polio case of the year in Punjab and the fifth in the country.The four earlier polio cases were reported in Karachi (a two-year-old boy), Mardan (a two-and-a-half-year-old boy), Malakand (a three-month-old girl) and Bannu (a 13-month-old boy).

Sources by: thenews