Latest Mobile Symbian Tips and Tricks


Latest Mobile Symbian Tips and Tricks

Note: we have a tendency to aren’t to blame for any injury, strive at metropolis own risk

Tip one : Do u savvy to use the edit button (abc or pencil button)?
Heres how… within the inbox for example; u wanna delete multiple sms, merely hold the edit button, scroll down, and then, press c to delete the marked sms. The edit button also can b wont to copy and past text in sms, merely hold it and scroll across, opt for copy. pretty sensible for putting song names in ngages

Tip 2 : ….happens, on a smartphone, its inevitable u do one thing wrong, and tis demand a format of fone. to format the fone, press *#7370#, then enter the lock code, that is that the sec code of the fone. NOTE: batt should b full, else if format is noncontinuous by low batt, consequences can b disatrous
I detected the code *#7780# works too, just about identical i go.
for 6600 users, to format the fone, theres another manner. Press and hold <3>, <*>, and therefore the buttons, then power on fone, keep holding on the three buttons, until u return to a format screen. tis technique solely works on 6600, and wish not enter the sec code. however sec code wun be reset to default 12345.

Tip three : TO NGAGE USERS; Did u understand u will install .sis files merely exploitation the cable given? Juz plug it in, place the .sis file anyplace on e: (the mmc), not in any folders, root of e:, disconnect, then rummage around for it in manager.

Tip 4: Save on battery and system memory getting used by regulary checking the task manager which may be accessed by holding down the menu button!!

Tip 5: kind *#06# to show your IMEI serial variety, terribly valuable for the unlocking your phone to alternative sim cards

Tip 6: kind *#0000# to look at that code version you’re running

Tip 4a: Set the design to a brief day out amount to prolong battery life.

Tip 4b: Avoid restarting the phone, or repeatedly turning it on and off. This helps increase battery life.

Tip 7: If you’d wish to avoid being “blue jacked”, keep bluetooth turned off, or set your phone’s visibility to hidden.

Tip 8: don’t desire to hold a watch and a phone? Set the design to indicate date and time, then you’ll be able to ditch the watch.

Tip 9: Save memory once putting in apps, by putting in over bluetooth. this could be done exploitation the nokia phone suite and a bluetooth serial affiliation. solely works with .SIS files, thus java still has got to be sent to the phone, however can save area once exploitation .SIS files.

Tip 10: Operator logos
Use a filemanager like FExplorer or SeleQ to feature the folders: “c:/system/Apps/phone/oplogo”. Add a .bmp image to folder “oplogo” and restart your phone! The .bmp image size must be: ninety seven x twenty five pixels

Tip 11: Check if the recepients phone is on
Delivery reports
Type *0# your message within the message musician window area then write your message, the recipient won’t see the star zero hash bit – simply the message once they scan it it’ll relay a message back to your fone showing the time they recieved it. (haven’t however tried it myself though).

Tip 12: BlueJacking
First up, you wish to grasp what Bluetooth is. There area unit scores of varieties of fashionable devices that incorporate Bluetooth collectively of their several options. PDAs, mobile phones and laptops area unit a number of of those fashionable devices. Bluetooth implies that Bluetooth enabled devices will send things like phonebook/address book contacts, footage & notes to alternative Bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly over a spread of concerning ten metres. So, we have past the boring half. Now, employing a phone with Bluetooth, you’ll be able to produce a phone book contact and write a message, eg. ‘Hello, you have been bluejacked’, within the ‘Name’ field. Then you’ll be able to look for alternative phones with Bluetooth and send that phone book contact to them. On their phone, a message can popup spoken communication “‘Hello, you have been bluejacked’ has simply been received by Bluetooth” or one thing on those lines. for many ‘victims’ they’re going to don’t have any plan on however the message appeared on their phone.

Tip 13: whereas you’re viewing an image in your phone’s gallery, press one in every of these route keys (definitely works on 6600, unsure concerning alternative symbians)
1 – flip image anticlockwise
3 – flip image right-handed
* – toggle on/off of full screen
5 – focus
0 – zoom out

#15 u will choose all files in an exceedingly folder by choosing THE folder and duplicate it then paste it somewhere. but u ought to create a brand new directory. fexplorer wun let u copy that folder along. well seleQ will mark files to repeat however it extremely takes time!

#16: A soft and arduous reset
A Soft-reset – the method of resetting all the settings of the phone to the industrial plant default! No applications area unit deleted! A Hard-reset is like data format a drive! It will format the memory. Everything that has been put in when the primary use of the phone is deleted! it’ll recover the memory of the phone to the state you bought it! it’s done by inputing the subsequent code: *#7370# NOTE: The battery should be full or the charger has got to be connected to the phone so it doesn’t run out of power and create the phone unusable.

#17: Formats of pictures
supported ones: JPG UPF GIF87a/89a WBMB MBM TIFF/F PNG EXIF

How to copy & paste text in your Nokia 3650:
Press and hold the pencil key and choose your text exploitation the scroll key.
Left operate key can modification to ‘Copy’. Press it to repeat the chosen text to writing board.

You can paste the writing board contents identical way:
press and hold the pencil key and press ‘Paste’. Or, press pencil key once and choose ‘Paste’.
Press and hold the Menu key to open the appliance switch window, wherever you’ll be able to *duh* switch between applications.
If a program hangs and you cannot shut it down, choose the appliance within the
application switch window and press ‘C’ to kill it. it is also a quicker thanks to exit programs.
Turn on/off the “click” sound created by the camera by choosing the ‘Silent’ profile or by turning warning tones on/off:
Menu > Profiles > “select your activated profile” > personalize > Warning tones > On/Off.
(This conjointly effects the sound of Java games and apps).

To change background image go to:
Menu > Tools > Settings > Phone > Standby mode > Background image > affirmative > “choose associate degree image”.

The best size for background pictures is 174×132 pixels.
Only got blue, inexperienced and purple in your 3650 color palette?

This free app adds three additional colours: Palette Extender.
Display a picture once someone’s calling:
Menu > Contacts > “select a contact card” > choices > Edit > choices > Add fingernail > “choose associate degree image”.

Add a private ringing tone to a contact:
Menu > Contacts > “select a contact card” > choices > Open > choices > Ringing tone > “choose a ringing tone”.

Delete all messages from your Inbox at once:
Menu > electronic communication > Inbox > choices > Mark/Unmark > Mark all > choices > Delete.

Send or hide your caller ID: Go to: Menu > Tools > Settings > decision > Send My
Caller ID > ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Set By Network’ to follow the default settings of your home network.

If you frequently copy giant files to your multimedia system Card, i like to recommend a card reader.
E.g. With a card reader it takes solely twelve seconds to repeat a ten MB file!
Record the sound of a telephone call exploitation the (sound) Recorder.
Menu > Extra’s > Recorder > choices > Record sound clip.
Note: short beeps area unit loud throughout decision registration.
But there’s a sixty second limitation thus if you would like unlimited audio recording get this app: Extended Recorder.
While writing text, press “#” to change between higher and character and Dictonary on/off (predictive text input).
Press and hold “#” to change between Alpha mode and variety mode.
Keyboard shortcuts for zooming and rotating pictures in Images:
1 = focus, zero = zoom out, press and hold to come back to the traditional read.
2 = rotate anticlockwise, nine = rotate right-handed, * = full screen.
In standby mode, press and hold the proper soft key to activate voice dialling.
To add a voice tag to a number, open a contact card and scroll to the number and select:
Options > Add voice tag.
You can customise each soft keys placed below the screen (in standby mode):
Menu > Tools > Settings > Phone > Standby mode > Left/Right choice key > “select associate degree application”.
In standby mode. press scroll key center (joystick) to travel on to Contacts.
In standby mode, press and hold zero to launch your wap home page.
In Menu or any subfolder, press numbers one – nine to start out the appliance at that location.
In standby mode,
45# + dials the amount on your sim in memory slot forty five.
50# + dials slot fifty so on.
If you have got your keylock activated simply press the on/off button to show on your backlight
to look at the time once it’s dark while not having to unlock the input device.
Never, ever, in your whole life, install WildSkinz on your Nokia 3650!!! WildSkinz screws up
the whole 3650 system. it absolutely was ne’er supposed to figure on the 3650, solely on the 7650.
Why distribution Video Recorder within the right or left soft key doesn’t work?

(Sound Recorder is launched rather than Video Recorder)
It’s a bug with code version two.50.
How to check your code version:

A “Firmware” is that the phone’s package hold on in internal nonvolatile storage of the device (disk Z.
Manufacturers unharness new code versions containing bug fixes, enhancements and – typically – giving new functions.
Firmware upgrade will solely be created in licensed Nokia service centre (point).

To check your current code version merely kind *#0000# on main Phone screen.
How to check your IMEI (International Mobile instrumentation Identity)?

Type *#06# on main Phone screen.

Start up in Safe Mode thus no ‘auto start’ apps are running:

To make positive that no memory-resident programs begin once you resuscitate your phone,
hold down the pencil key once you activate the phone and hold it on untill you have got to enter your PIN code.
(When you have got hassle booting up the phone with the MMC in it as a result of it got corrupted for a few reason, this trick can
almost always allow you to boot up the phone thus you’ll be able to take away the newest put in app which could have caused the
problem or if your phone is “unrepairable” you’ll be able to still duplicate your necessary knowledge before you are doing a format.)

Q: the way to whole format your Nokia 3650 and take away all put in applications, user files and restore all
settings to default like it’s new out of the box? (OEM apps will not be deleted like Camera and RealOne Player).

A: 1st Format your MMC: Menu > Extras > Memory > choices > Format letter of the alphabet. card > Yes.
Note: it’s vital to format your MMC before you format your phone!
Then format your phone by typewriting *#7370# on main Phone screen.
Phone can ask: “Restore all original phone settings? Phone can restart.” Press ‘Yes’ and enter your Lock code (default is 12345).
Tip: data format takes many minutes thus you’d higher connect your Nokia 3650
to a charger to make sure that your battery does not get empty within the middle of data format.
Note: all of your created acces points and mailboxes are lost thus take a note of them. and every one application settings are reset.
E.g. In Camera, image quality is ready back to traditional and memory in use is ready back to phone memory. And conjointly in Messages,
memory in use is ready back to phone memory, etc. conjointly backup your contacts with laptop Suite or a program like Contacts Manager.

To reset your notecase, do you have to forget your code,
Type in:
this will reset the notecase code, the notecase contents are deleted.

How to free additional RAM on your phone

Technique 1: Flight mode:
Put your phone in “Flight mode” with Psiloc System Tools. Install System Tools, open it and choose “Flight mode”. this manner you’ll be able to restart the phone while not your SIM card thus there’ll be no running phone tasks within the background. currently you’ll be able to have up to three,5 MB of free RAM!
Note: ironically enough, Flight mode does not work once sensible Launcher is put in, a minimum of in my case.
But i’ve conjointly detected many reports of individuals UN agency have each apps running with none issues.

Technique 2: sensible Launcher trick:
Install sensible Launcher and open it. move to choices, Settings and place Launcher ON.
Now insert your charger and switch your phone. Wait untill the battery meter seems and short press the Menu button (don’t hold).
The menu ought to seem and currently you’ll be able to have three,5 to 4,5 MB free RAM! (Hold Menu button to visualize RAM).
The trick is that with the charger blocked in, the phone should get a minimum software system support for charging, even when
the phone is transitioned. And somehow sensible Launcher has still got it’s route running and that is the Menu button. So when
you press the Menu button, you go on to the Menu with none alternative phone tasks running within the background thus
you trick the phone and you have got additional free RAM!
Note: once you disconnect the charger, the phone can switch.

Technique 3: Menu :
This technique I found it alone, it frees alittle concerning 100~200 kilobyte however i suppose it’s helpful someday
Close your menu not by choosing the proper choice key “exit”, or pressing the menu key over again, they solely hide the menu app however don’t shut it, to shut it choose the left choice key “option” and scroll down and choose “exit”

So once you open associate degree app desires additional ram open menu and shut it, it’s helpful once play low bit rate video in realplayer paradise