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and understand the purpose of life. Truth-seeking and over a period of centuries, different civilizations form of organized religion in life. And largely (Human) the specified date. While some religions have the written text (the book) is on. It inspired a follower (the Almighty) who claim to be from.

The rest is dependent on the human experience. The main source of Islam is the religion, the followers of the doctrine of the divine Word that is fully convinced are Muslim. This indeed is directed to all humanity. Since the message of each round is considered to be related to each era. But it is this test? This little book is my intention to try and prove that scientific discoveries, especially in the light of the divine Word to do a real review. There was a time in history that a miracle or something which was considered a miracle, the logic was prsbqt principle. Common definition of miracle that’s the opposite of everything that ordinary life, and the man did not have any explanation.

However, we object miracle believed in must be careful. 1993 Times (newspaper name) Mumbai, a report was published that a Monday named Baba pilots had claimed that he was three days and three By night, a water-filled tank (Tank) under water (ie water inside) is. But when the reporters that he wanted to go to the bottom of the tank in which it is yzh miraculous feat was claimed he refused to answer any context that could examine the womb They are going to give birth. It is clear that he was hiding something on his claim to fame, and he did it. Certainly none of the modern man’s thinking ability hyt are very few of this type of sign will not be accepted. If such signs from Allah Almighty, then the standard of the world famous magician that all his amazing magic tricks (juggling) and are known for visual deceptions representative who will be the true God (Allah sent by God).

A book that claims to be the word of God, then automatically they are going to claim to be a miracle. Claim that at no time was this criterion, the round should be easily proven wrong or right. Muslims believe that the Quran and Allah’s last revelation, which is the miracle of miracles , and for humans Mercy has been. Find here beautiful Latest Nature Islamic wallpaper free download for mobile desktop pc as colorful backgrounds.

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