Latest News: Abdul Malek nominated to head Balochistan


Karachi: Pakistan Muslim League chief Nawaz Sharif Sunday named and backed a nationalist leader of the volatile Balochistan province, a move likely to promote peace in the province.

Sharif’s party leaders gathered at Murree, the hill station 50 kilometres north of Islamabad, to brainstorm the nomination for the Balochistan chief minister. The chiefs of major winning parties including Pakhtukhwa Awami Party and National Party were also present at the day-long meeting.

The PML N chief told the media that he had evolved consensus on the name of Dr Abdul Malek, the president of National Party.

“This [nomination] of Dr Malek is a victory of values over the lust of power,” Sharif said while announcing the nomination.

Dr Abdul Malek, is a respected Baluch nationalist who is heading National Party for quite some years. The party is considered to be the largest nationalist party in the province of Baluchistan where Baloch insurgents were attacking on government and other targets frequently.

“We have always claimed to bring peace to the province, we talked to heal wounds of the suffering Balochs and now is the time to turn claims into practice,” Sharif said.

Dr Malek, a middle class politician in a predominantly tribal province, was also supported by the civil society that believed that the politicians having tribal backgrounds were turncoats.

“We will eliminate corruption from the province and Baluchistan will flourish,” Mir Hasil Khan Bizenji, the secretary general of the National Party, told the media during the press conference.

The son of slain tribal leader Akbar Bugti, who was killed in a military operation during Pervez Musharraf’s regime, resented the decision saying it would lead to turmoil.

“This is a rubbish decision and people would pick the weapons and fight for the self rule,” Talal Akbar Bugti said.

It was also decided in the meeting that the governor of the province would be appointed from Pakhtunkhwa Awami Party, which has the largest number of seats in the province but sacrificed the position of chief minister to promote harmony.

Sources by: gulfnews