Latest SEO Tips and Tricks 2013



Defining SEO!

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Using search engines to find information on the Internet and of the biggest and popular best resource is “Google”. The typical search engines are Bing, Msn and yahoo. Businesses have begun to use SEO to market themselves through internet. They use articles to advertise themselves, to try to gain a good page rank on the search engines, to target wide range of traffic to their websites. Certain keywords within your original quality article, the chance of getting a great rank on search engines won’t be so far away.


Here Few Tips & Tricks!

1. Domain registrars sell ownership privacy, do not buy it if you are serious about SEO! The search engines want transparency.


2. You can optimize for more websites, it depends on your business strategy, SEO can apply to many multiple things like, images, audio, articles and video.


3. Search engines always prefer fresh content, it can come from a huge range of resources like blogs, artiles & social media.


4. Regularly add new fresh quality content to your online business, tips and tricks work well. Frequently updated sites are well favour by Search Engines.


5. Try to use different keywords on each page instead of simply copying It all adds to Google liking that little bit more and again helps them build a picture and better understand what your site is all about.


6. BE PATIENT! It can be very frustrating seeing your lovingly put together site floundering down in the doldrums, particularly if it’s a relative.


7. Now a days, many people may say that, submission is dead. But how an owner chooses the directories he is submitting to and how efficient he is in choosing the category for submission. Yet another powerful way of promoting a website is the content in these sites are updated regularly or frequently, these types of sites are most liked by SEO.


8. Writing articles and submitting them to article submission sites, target maximum or less than 450 words because many people don’t like to read a monster looking page.