Latest Technology: Celluon Epic Laser Keyboard

The Celluon Epic could be a Bluetooth optical maser keyboard. The compact device comes a QWERTY keyboard onto most flat surfaces. (Glass tabletops being the exception) you’ll connect the Epic to vertically any device that supports Bluetooth keyboards as well as devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry ten. On the rear of the device there’s a charging port and pairing button. Once you’ve got the Epic paired along with your device it acts an equivalent as the other keyboard.

For any keyboard the foremost necessary thought is that the typewriting expertise that it provides. The virtual keyboard brightness is adjustable and is straightforward to visualize in most lighting conditions. sadly the brightness doesn’t mechanically modify supported close light-weight. With every keystroke a beeping sound is compete which may be turned down. The typewriting expertise on the Epic is mediocre at the best. unwittingly activating the incorrect key will build typewriting frustrating and wearing. even though you’re slightly employee you may still got to look down on the optical maser keyboard as you sort. The Epic is certainly not for the blind or visually impaired.

Compared to a traditional keyboard the Epic does not hold its own, however if you look because the Epic as a supplement to your on screen keyboard the Epic appearance more brilliant. If you’ve got bother typewriting on your smartphone or pill the compact Epic could also be excellent for you. you’ll simply bring the Epic on in your pocket and so use it after you got to type a longer email or text.

The Epic is out there directly from Celluon for $169.99 and thru Amazon for a special value of $149.99.