Lenovo Expands multimode family with flex Lenovo dual mode.

Lenovo Expands PC multiplayer modes. Introduced laptops Lenovo flex 14 and 15, and desktop Flex 20 supports up to two response modes use the cover price.

Mr Wong Jeerawut pure blessing of Management at Lenovo (Thailand) said that “Thailand is often adapt to technology quickly. Lenovo Lenovo ensure mobility. Flex, which can use multiple modes to get a good response from buyers, Lenovo flex is the computer of the future, which can be selected using the mode desktop (standby mode), or sleep. (Table mode) as appropriate for your use, whether it is to play games. Watching a movie or listening to music The whole family can join in the fun go together “.

Apart from the sheer Lenovo laptop computer flex 14.1 and 15.6 inch screen can extend up to 300 degrees in the standby mode. Allows use in touch easier since the machine is in use even more.For photography enthusiasts, it can use the imaging program YouCam just say “1,2,3 cheese” and it will take pictures and share them with those around you by not just through voice command. Photography Lenovo flex also has Dolby Advanced Audio v2 audio quality for crystal clear sound whether watching a movie or listening to music can also be connected to the HDMI system to bring up another screen.

Lenovo flex 14 and 15 with a modern design with a black cap trimmed with silver or orange, according to customer requirements. The keyboard can be chosen to be fluorescent. Sharp screen resolution as HD 1366X768 Users can also choose to change the screen to a more crisp with Full HD 1920X1080 screen supports touch up to 10 points simultaneously suitable for use on Windows 8’s. well The battery of the handset for up to 9 hours of video processor, Intel 4th generation Core ULT i7 NVIDIA GeForce GT740M graphics memory slot with capacity over 1 TB SSD and NAND in the Ultra Book.

Lenovo flex 20 all – in – one computer for all the family.

Light but strong material with a screen size of 20.5 mm aluminum Al Lenovo flex 20, a computer table, all – in – one. Suitable for use in the home or Hofer, Philip ice because a larger screen borderless size 19.5-inch HD 1,600 x 900 pixel panel, high angle IPS 90 degrees capacity can support both 500 GB. HD or SSHD processor Intel Core i7.

Lenovo flex 20 can use two modes: standby mode (desktop mode), and Table (lie flat) when the mode is poured DoubleTree by Hilton parallel to the pin. System interface Aura, which is ever seen with it on a Lenovo Horizon is working to allow users to play games together as a family, whether it’s games like Ubisoft’s Raiding Company, which is downloaded to the Lenovo App. Store powered by Intel App Up or playing video games. Puzzle thought up by Lenovo’s Omnitapps Media Puzzle Pack and memory test game. Reinforce learning Omnitapps Educational Suite for fun and games, such Fishing Joy, Air Hockey and.

For gamers who Lenovo flex 20 also offers accessories such as joysticks, Stryker and Dice EP – avoid the full set can be played with up to 4 people audio quality with Dolby Home. Theatre v4 WiFi connection for ease of use. Batteries used for up to 3 hours continuously.

Price and Availability

Lenovo flex 14 Price 24,990 Baht issued today, the sole distributor of Lenovo.
, Lenovo flex 20 Price 32,990 Baht issued today, the sole distributor of Lenovo.
, Lenovo flex Phone 15 items will be available mid-February.