Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga Available Now on Distributions

Lenovo launches ThinkPad Yoga notebook comes with QWERTY keyboard for extra lift and lock system latest from Lenovo.


Lenovo Expands PC multiplayer modes. Laptop computer launched ThinkPad Yoga striking design with multi-mode. Full performance Meet real business

Mr Jeerawut Wong led the blessing of Management at Lenovo (Thailand) said that “the current computer user in sophisticated shopping to get something that meets their needs the most.Computer laptops latest Yoga is a revolutionary product, the design of the laptop computers that can be folded 360 degrees, the mode works as required. Meet the lifestyle in every corner Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga latest model is designed to enhance the performance of business applications that require the flexibility to work and meetings and meet business going anywhere. Time laptop ThinkPad Yoga comes with technologies and features business and lift and lock system prevents accidental keyboard key presses. Make use of the convenience. More efficiently ”

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga comes in elegant black look. Ready for business applications

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga multimode design adapted from Yoga to meet the family computer performance, security, and also improves the ease of operation for users of Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga alloys. Come with Gorilla Glass screen size 12.5 inch HD IPS provides sharper images and color monitors, notebook regular. Compatible with digitizer pen and touch a maximum of 10 points also came with Windows 8.1 operating system deliver perfect to use multi-touch. Alternatively, use a large Trackpad is a 5 button to increase the ease of use as well.

To use multimode truly Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga so it comes with QWERTY keyboard system Lift and lock to prevent hitting the keyboard without accidentally during use tablet mode keyboard Backlit visibility even in low light. least of which is a unique distinctive Lenovo technology Near Field Communications (NFC) that allows for the sharing of information between the various machines is faster.

ThinkPad Yoga comes with processors of Intel 4th Generation Core i7 newest and HHD capacity 1TB capacities movie files to a DVD in the machine up to 500 to power the battery life to meet the business needs. Use a day In addition, users can also talk through automatic text chat, enjoy listening to music, playing internet easily through voice commands. And for those who want to use that over the original. I can buy accessories One Link Dock, which features a HUB for connecting to ports such as USB, HDMI and Gigabit Ethernet to the machine.

 Price and Availability

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga Price 1306$ issued today, the sole distributor of Lenovo.

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