Lets Meet New LG Smart Bulb with Android 4.3 and iOS 6

L.G has just introduced their first L.C.D light bulb named L.G Smart Bulb. This bulb can connect with Android 4.3 and iOS 6+ devices with the help of Wifi. You can control this Smart Bulb with your Smartphone and Tablets.

LG also claims that it will go more than a ten years. L.G has added some interesting features in software of this bulb. One of these features is about security, if you are not in your home light will automatically on.

Its also contains party mode and can flash in different colors of lights, this will automatically flash with ring tone of your mobile.  At launch, it will be enabled for Android devices.

L.G will launched this Smart Bulb soon and its price may be round about 32 US Dollars.