LG G Flex Leaked Official Images by Evaleaks

@evleaks has brought us yet another great leak. It’s an official image of a two upcoming LG G Flex versions – one for AT&T and one for T-Mobile.

LG G Flex was announced and launched first in Korea back in October, but later it was revealed the curved phablet will be hitting Germany, USA and other countries in early 2014. It seems the US premiere is upon us as the official pictures have already popped up on the internet.

There is still nothing on the official LG channels, but we believe the Koreans will keep their promise to expand the G Flex availability very soon.

Samsung has decided not to bring its curved Galaxy Round outside South Korea, but latest rumors suggest an upcoming Galaxy flagship with a curved display will be announced at MWC or shortly after. This is one more reason LG will be in a hurry to supply the G Flex to as many markets as possible.