LG G2 Mini Version Launched on January 2014

It is not surprising how much the manufacturers of smart phones, many of you. Adoption of mobile use. And design of large models, but add the word “mini” into the name. And as a reduced specification down. Make the price easier, but not owned, LG G2 mini is rumored to come with a CPU is a Snapdragon 800 version ever.

Techblog sources reported that LG will deliver the smartphone version of LG G2 supplement the top of the company now. Which is a slightly lower spec called LG G2 mini and will be launched at CES 2014 in January this year.

Despite the name mini spec, but I really need to tell me that. “I Really” comes with CPU Snapdragon 800 similar version of the RAM is supplied to 2GB called Race to the desktop version of the comfort but in the drop down of the big rumors that it is in part. on screen This will reduce the size of 5.2 inches (FullHD 1080p) up to 4.7 inches (HD 720p).

However, LG has not confirmed about the LG G2 mini it must follow that in January this year. We will not see each other or not. Whether, if the actual level specification is done by model or a mini price.