Log-in to your System with USB Drive

Mostly people forget their Windows password, and if you have a security log-in USB device then no problem.

How to Make USB Log-in Device?

With the help of VSUsbLogon you can make a login device. Its very easy, you can use your USB Device, USB Hard Drive, iPod, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy or other similar kind of devices. Through this program, not any thing install on the device but it note the Specific ID of the device and when you plug in the device system get log-in.

Download and run this program, Select your device, fill up the form and press OK button. Here you will have to type the password for Windows. You can also create a Pin. When you plug in your device you must have to enter Pin. If you select Auto logon check box then no need to pin.

Next time you start your system and it asking for password, attach your device with the computer system will be logged in. You can also un-Assign your device.

This Software is absolutely free. Install it very carefully because when you install this software some kind of toolbar and software will be ready to install with it.

It is free and available for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Its available in 32 bit and 64 bit.

Click here to Download VSUsbLogon