Make your CV with-out Help of MS Word or any Word Processor

RESUME or Curriculum Vitae is very important for professionals. Mostly people use Microsoft Word or other Word Processors for making their CV. But today we tell you a new way to make your CV without any Word Processor or MS Word.

Google Docs is very useful and easy to use. It is a free application.Google Docs is the Part of Google Drive that is free online file storage Service from To create a one-page CV in Microsoft Office, you will get worried, because there are so difficult formatting. But in google docs so many templates are available there. Just Chose your template and enter your data, your CV is ready.

Before using Google Docs you must log-in to your Gmail Account. Click here for Google Docs template gallery. Write RESUME in search box and press Enter. Numbers of templates will appears on the screen.

Choose your template by pressing the “Use this template” button and put your data in it.

Google will automatically save your resume on Google Drive. Click here to view your RESUME. You can also download your file in different formats like, Docx, rtf, PDF, txt, odt etc