What is the Media and Social Media Technology?



What is the Media and Social Media Technology?

Media Technology!

Without any particular doubt, the advancing media technology in today’s world and age can most certainly enrich our everyday lives here. In our society, there are many examples that are already quite very common, and no doubt there will be some technology developed in the near future that we can’t even imagine as of right now. But it doesn’t have to look far in order to see some examples of how media technology is already enriching our everyday lives.


Unfortunately different studies suggest new media have altered not the number of people involved, actually the scope of their interest in politics and the policy of public  That is mainly because new media technologies provide both new dangers and challenges. A new technopoly will further colonize everyday life, consumers passively absorb a wide range of channels of the same old tradional forms. The new technologies also provide with weapons to produce new forms of culture and to program their own tradional or cultural environment. The increase in media technologies ready to enter the consumer market and gain attention, tells that there is still hope out there for new media to realize their role in the democratization process of contemporary citizens.


Social Media Technology!

A recent study indicated that Facebook is the major channel that people utilize to share information such as their personal life, hobbies, videos, status updates, links and news. Connectivity and software in western countries is allowing users to use these technologies with ease and developing countries such as India and China are rapidly catching up. Mobile phones technology, today currently incorporate social media to be used directly with the aid of the integrate third party applications or the browser too.


With hi-fi technology and advancements in mobiles, such as the Smartphone is a great tool to get people closer to modern communication. Today, the Smartphone, social media claims and having mobile browsers that permit people the ability to use social media channels anytime, anywhere. During research, in January 2010, 30.8 % of Smartphone users accessed social networking sites using their mobile browsers, which is an increase of almost 8.3 points from one year ago. Smartphones allow people to browse email and tweets, people can actually play games with ease and also can chat, video conferences etc.


A majority of customers can access the internet through technology such as mobile phones, laptops, PCs, tablets, and among others, internet TVs. Businesses reach a wider market than they would have had they used traditional forms of marketing, this strongly ensures. The business boundries has become very competitive, and savvy businesses are taking advantage of the social media revolution to get ahead of the pack by interacting with their customers on a personal level. That’s why is really important to count with good internet marketing companies like Palm Beach Internet Marketing Agency to your side, so you can also take the advantages of these technologies and reach the potential of your business as well.