Meet New Samsung NX3000 Smart CameraQ

Samsung simply undraped the NX3000 good camera – associate degree interchangeable lens camera with advancedproperty options. It goes back to relying additional on hardware controls than on touchscreen controls, just like the NX1000.

It has a twenty.3MP APS-C sensing element that may record 1080p videos, an equivalent basic specs as its 2predecessors.

The camera can snap photos at 1/4,000s shutter speed and supports 5fps continuous shooting.

So what’s changed? The screen went down in size to three″ (down from 3.7″ on the NX2000) associate degreed in resolution – the new camera has an HVGA screen (compared to VGA on the NX1000, WVGA on the NX2000). it’s a flip-up show although, and Wink Shot for those all-important selfies.
Size has remained concerning an equivalent – 117.4×65.9×39.0(26.8) millimeter – however there’s a brand new kit lens. Samsung 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 Power Zoom male erecticle dysfunction bureau options a nine part lens. The lens measures sixty four.8 x 31mm and weighs 111g.